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Zainob Fashola on Nigerian Travel

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Zainob Fashola on Nigerian Travel

Zainob Fashola
Zainob Fashola on Nigerian travel - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Nigerian Travel has gone beyond luxury and leaving the shores. It is getting clear that it is a form of education that different tourist spots in Nigeria have to offer.


By Zainob Fashola

2018, the year it became much ‘cooler’ to say you have explored more of Nigeria than other parts of the world. It was much easier to go through the Schengen visa application ‘wahala’ than to figure out logistics of driving from Lagos to explore the Northern Nigeria on your own. Who do you call if two of your four tires get punctured five hours in to your road trip, and you only have one spare tire? Or even worse, where do you spend the night if a nasty traffic situation adds four hours to your driving time? And as most Nigerians know, very few parts of rural Nigeria have street lights, ergo; it is not safe to drive at night.

Prior to 2015, finding readily available information about amazing sites to visit in rural parts of Nigeria was akin to unicorn hunting. Sure, travel journalism has been a part of the Nigerian media scene for decades, but the information shared was not shared on platforms most Nigerians have easy access to. In the past few years, many adventure seeking Nigerians focused inwards and found ways to create successful businesses from their passion of exploring Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Take travel companies like Naija Nomads, Unraveling Nigeria, and Social Prefect, they turned a passion for travel writing into a business of travel. A good number of Nigerian tour companies started with simply sharing their local and international travel experiences on their blogs. From there, friends and fans asked to be included in the future travel plans and thus, a thriving business was born for most of them.

Now thanks to these travel professionals, a quick Google search for information about almost every tourist attraction can be easily accessed by anybody online.

Even more amazing is how much people are clamoring to book tour excursions put together by many of the reputable travel companies. Ever wanted to explore a castle in Nigeria but not keen on traveling solo? Travel companies like Social Prefect or Irinajo, probably have a few group trips lined up for you to book. The ease of traveling in Nigeria is becoming much easier with companies like these taking in the reins of the planning and logistics needed to make your holiday amazing.

For the adventure seekers like me that eschew the idea of traveling with way too many people or just prefer to travel solo, you have options. Information is readily available and thanks to the many travel writers like myself; ZeeGoes, other writers like Travel with A Pen, Waka About, Jub Trip and some tour companies like Unraveling Nigeria, Social Prefect, and Naija Nomads, finding information to help guide you on your next adventure is really as easy as either visiting any of our websites or typing in a relevant keyword or phrase into a search engine and voila!

Besides travel writing or running a travel company, there is the special class of people like David Atabo that take on a particular location and focus sorely on helping other curious travelers navigate the space with ease. In David’s case, Oke Ado’s Ado Awaye mountain in Oyo, home to the only known suspended lake in Africa, is a destination he markets via @ComeMakeWeGo. At a pretty decent fee, he takes people, from the solo traveler like me, to a large travel group, up and around the mountain while educating about the folklore of the mountain and village surrounding it.

For the many looking to earn an income from the non-traditional career path of the Nigerian travel industry, here is my little advice for you, be very passionate about all things travel.

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