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Your Ultimate Resource List

Your Ultimate Resource List


During this pandemic, the most popular advice going round is that people should make the best of the period, and build themselves. While we advise that you prioritize your health and sanity, we also recognize the importance of making the best of this period. However, that can be particularly challenging, in terms of finding the motivation, the right activity to invest your time into, and most importantly the resources you need to get you going.

There’s nobody we care about more than our readers, and so we’ve taken out the time to highlight a few resources that can help you get moving beyond this pandemic. We went through a lot to get these compiled for you, and so we hope you make the best use of them.

Career Development Resources

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills is an online course on Coursera, which teaches the rudiments of negotiation and how it can be applied effectively in the workplace, for a more profitable career.

Beyond the To-Do List is a podcast by Erik Fisher, available on iTunes. The podcast teaches people particular strategies to increase productivity in their personal and professional lives. It touches on areas like time management, working smart and efficient.

The Seven Secrets of Authenticity is an online course on Udemy, which focuses on a “change the inner man to change the outer results” approach. The course focuses on identification of value and purpose, prioritizing your tasks to align with your long term goals, and how to confidently stand for what you believe in.

The 7 Essential Steps To Getting Your Dream Career is an online course on Udemy, which teaches you how to get your dream career. It walks learners through practical skills for winning at life.

Bettercareermoves.com is a website that contains many extensive tips, articles and resources on career development, and building yourself professionally.

Legal Resources

LawStrive is a Nigerian online legal resource that connects you with verified lawyers and legal practitioners who can offer legal advice, and solve your legal problems in real-time.

Law Padi is an online legal resource that offers legal advice, templates for legal documents and also helps you hire verified lawyers remotely.

DIY Law  is a Nigerian online legal resource that offers a range of registration services, including registering your business name, NGO, trademark and so on. They also offer a service where you can hire verified lawyers.

Olaniwun Ajayi LP, one of the biggest law firms in the country also recently launched an online COVID-19 resource over at olaniwunajayi.net where legal advice and information can be readily obtained.

Personal Finance Resources

Get Rich Slowly is a blog which contains a range of tips on personal finance, getting out of debt, investments and also budgeting. Its resources are mostly free, and it has been recognized by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as a credible resource for personal finance.

Investopedia is a major online platform to learn all you need to know about investments. This website has a range of resources that simplify investment to financial laymen.

Clevergirlfinance.com is a finance website that has made all courses free in the face of the pandemic. The courses cover a range of topics under personal finance.

Cowrywise is an online platform which also comes with an application, that allows Nigerians save, budget and invest their money. This is a perfect option for people looking for a safe and trackable way to make money in this period.

Piggyvest is another popular online resource that helps Nigerians save, budget and invest money. The platform was designed to help you with financial discipline.

Women Empowerment Resources

Eskills4girls is an extensive online resource for women empowerment. It contains research, news and updates about women empowerment and gender issues across the world.

Empowerwomen.org is a website which contains extensive material on gender equality, women empowerment as well as opportunities, grants and scholarships for women across the world.

The Community Initiative is an online resource for the discussion of various trending global issues. They discuss a large amount of gender and feminist issues, and offer a lot of resources on women empowerment.

Mental and Public Health Resources

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative is a Nigerian online resource that provides awareness about mental health issues and offers support services to those facing mental health problems. They also offer real-time consultancy services and are recognized internationally for their work.

She Writes Woman is an Instagram account with large reach and followership, that offers mental health services, and content. They have meet-up sessions called “Safe Place” and offer a range of other services to support people with their mental health.

The Word Health Organization is the foremost organization on public health in the world, and they have a range of resources providing up to date information on the pandemic, as well as other public health issues.

The Amazing Woman is an all-round resource platform on Instagram, that offers key insights into mental health, personal development and career growth during this period. The page has a host of resources designed to help you navigate the pandemic successfully.

Entrepreneurial Resources

GENNigeria is an online resource for entrepreneurship. They sponsor research and projects into the viability of entrepreneurship in Nigeria and offer a lot of insight and research into entrepreneurship in the country.

Edx is an online learning platform that has a range of resources on entrepreneurship and business administration. They teach financial management, and other skills relevant to building businesses.

MIT Open Courseware is a collection of courses offered by MIT on a range of topics. They have a healthy supply of courses on entrepreneurship in their resource base, explaining the rudiments of entrepreneurship and business.

Bplans is an amazing website that offers a range of business plan templates for budding entrepreneurs looking for a little guidance regarding starting up their businesses.

Sales and Marketing Resources

The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Digital Marketing by the balancesmb.com is an extensive guide on marketing for entrepreneurs looking to put their brand out there.

Ducttape marketing offers a range of articles and resources on marketing and its rudiments.

Hubspot marketing is a blog that offers timely and incisive advice on how to make the best of marketing for your business and brand.

With these resources, you should have no problem navigating your way to recovery and constantly adding value to yourself. We hope to see you stronger and better at the other end. 

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