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The Ultimate App Guide To Music Production

The Ultimate App Guide To Music Production

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Music production from ideation to promotion has been made easy with mobile apps. You can now make the music of your choice with just a click on your mobile phone.


– By Ayandola Ayanleke

Music is a universal language, even though it appeals to us in different ways. It can be a way to cool off after a stressful day, a source of entertainment, inspiration, etc. It is no wonder that music is as old as man himself. And like everything, it has witnessed constant change and improvement. There was a time when music was only played with musical instruments because studios were not a thing. Then technology made it possible to record in a studio and fine tune the music. Now, there are apps that can actually help make your music from ideation to completion. If you are an independent musician who cannot afford studio time just yet or you just want to try your hands at music on your own, this list will help you get started easily.

Song Writing

You better believe it; there apps that help you with song writing. But no, they do not actually write the lyrics, but they provide help that you might need in bringing the lyrics together.

  • Hum: Although it is a paid app, it comes handy in helping you write your songs. The app allows song writing and recording simultaneously. So while playing around with the idea of your lyrics, you can hum the words as well and it will keep it safe for you till you can get to it.
  • Songwriter’s app: The beauty of this app is that it provides suggestions on words and phrases that rhyme as you start writing and it saves it for you if you need to go back for more inspiration. But it could even serve as an inspiration giving you ideas on words or phrases to use next. As with Hum, you can also record and even add chord notation to your lyrics.



You don’t have to worry so much about becoming an expert at mixing music with these apps. They can teach and help you practice at being your own DJ.

  • Mixpad: This app is at your disposal if you want to become an expert at mixing audio on your mobile device. Featuring different audio and recording effects, the app offers you the chance to mix your own music, create podcasts, mix instrumentals, and other music mash-ups.
  • Edjing: Edjing DJ Music Mixer Studio offers you the DJ software in a mobile phone. It can pull music from Deezer, Soundcloud and your own folder to mix at a click with DJ features.


Album Cover Design

The album cover is almost as important as the music itself because the appeal of an album cover draws the audience to the music. So you want to take advantage of these apps to design awesome album covers.

  • Album cover maker: Providing you with different photo effects as well, you are on your way to creating your own album cover. And the great thing is that it allows you to own your own design.
  • Adobe Spark: You can find Adobe Spark as a website and an app. You might prefer going through the website to sign in. It also makes it possible to create designs for your album cover and offers flexibility as well.


Audio Editing

You don’t have to worry about spending a lot to get audio editing software. These apps have got you covered.

  • WavePad Audio Editor: The app allows you to record, edit and even add special effects to your music. Reviews from users says it is easy to use. Also, you can share to another device to continue editing.
  • Mp3 Cutter: This app assists you in cutting and merging audio files. Featuring many audio editing features, it is easy and fun to use.


Making Beat

Making great beats have been made easy with these apps.

  • Music Maker Jam: Having over 300 Mix Packs in its database, you have the opportunity to own your own beat and create your own sounds. You can also record, edit and share your music directly to social media.
  • FL Studio Mobile: FL Studio is a popular beat making software and now, the mobile app is available. You can now make your own beats with their different music styles and you can even upload songs you have been working on earlier to the app to continue.



You have nothing to worry about when recording amazing music because these apps are here for you. However, most recording apps come at a little price but they are worth it.

  • Chord: Chord is free for Android users but comes at a price for IOS. The app allows you record songs with different accompanying instruments at your disposal.
  • Korg Koassilator: With this app, you can record any type of music because it comes with special features that will help you work on the songs as well.



When you are done with the production of your music, the dream of every musician is to be able to make some revenue from their work. You don’t have to worry for long; you can use these apps to make some money from the sales of your music.

  • Ecwid: It is like an online mall where you can have your own online store. It provides the opportunity to sell whatever, including apps and music from other channels like Facebook and eBay. You will be able to track your orders and inventory. You must have an Ecwid account and paid subscription to use.
  • Amazon: You can also sell your music on Amazon. All you need is an account as well and then you can upload your music. And because Amazon has many subscribers or shoppers, you have the opportunity to promote your music to a larger audience.



If you are interested in promoting your music to a large audience, you can use any of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Facebook and Instagram in particular, have an option for ads that you can pay a token for.



Sharing your music has also been made easy with apps like Shazam, Spotify, Soundcloud. Millions of people are subscribed to these apps and you will expose your music to that large audience. And if you are just a lover of music, then you can play around and share your music with your friends with these apps.

This list is by no means exhaustive. While this is not a replacement for standard tools, you will be surprised at the number of apps you will find that actually help in one way or the other. These apps above can however assist you from ideation to the promotion of your music.

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