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Tosin Ajibade – The New Media Icon

Tosin Ajibade – The New Media Icon


Tosin Ajibade, popularly known for her lifestyle and entertainment website Olorisupergal and also as the organizer of New Media Conference, shares her  journey with us. She talks about how it all started, her passion for media and some challenges she has faced.


How it All Began

Looking back on my upbringing, I would say being responsible at an early age put me on the path I’m on today. I am the first child of my family  and that meant major responsibilities such as taking care of my siblings, making sure everything is done right at home; also having to put in so much effort in school formed a large part of my childhood and adolescent years. These experiences shaped my character and self-discipline and helped me evolve to the woman I am today.

I fell in love with social media in 2008 when it was not something recognised as a potential career path. Social media influencing did not exist at the time. It came to me naturally as I had an unusual passion and drive for all things social media. My journey started with my love for information sharing on Facebook before I joined Twitter, then Instagram and also started a blog in 2010. However, I knew media was for me in 2012 from the impact of my work in the media industry.

Facing Challenges

Challenges in business come at different times and in different ways. For me, it was mostly staffing and content creation issues I had to deal with. To overcome this challenge, I decided to outsource our staff recruitment to HR companies. This ensured I got better staff and could also work with the HR companies to evaluate performance and retain talents in my company.


Big Breaks

I’ve had several tipping points in my life and business and I’ll share some with you. I had my first major break when I got hired to run a digital marketing campaign for a big account in 2013. The money I made from that job helped me buy my first car. I also got my first influencer marketing job in 2011 on Twitter for a phone company and I’ve had a great partnership with them over the years.


On Vision…

Vision is very important to me as an entrepreneur. Our vision at Olorisupergal, is to be the go-to lifestyle and entertainment platform for millennials in Africa. We have the Olorisupergal website and social media platforms, the OSG academy that helps people become influencers, social media managers and bloggers, and the annual New Media Conference.


Like every grand vision, there are challenges that will test it. As an entrepreneur, I faced challenges in getting the right brand and media partners, more digital marketing campaign jobs and accessing the right financing to expand my business.  I also wish I had developed skills in video and photo editing earlier. It would have saved me time and money.


If I could go back in time and give a piece of advice to my younger self, it would be, ‘’Business is business. Don’t do anything for free.’’

I would consider friendships and partnerships as a major factor in my growth. I’m blessed with the best kind of friends anyone could ask for. My circle is made up of people that motivate me, celebrate me, challenge me and support my goals. When I thought up The New Media Conference in 2013, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but I got overwhelming support from my circle and we filled the hall we used in Terra Kulture. We’ll have the 6th edition this year and their support still remains.

In my journey as a media entrepreneur, I have had some really memorable days. One I won’t forget in a hurry is the opportunity I got to cover the B.ET Awards in Los Angeles in 2016.  It was really enlightening for me, having to work with international media and influencers. As a business, we are looking at expanding our reach and influence through more paid coverage of  international events and growing the Olorisupergal platforms for global relevance.

As a female entrepreneur, I am very passionate about the girl-child reaching her full potential. I encourage every female to fight for what they want and work hard for it. No one will hand you anything because you are a woman, so commit to being the best version of yourself in every regard.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in The Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read other articles.

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