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Tinuade Okebukola – HerSpark in Physiotherapy

Tinuade Okebukola – HerSpark in Physiotherapy

Tinuade Okebukola

Dr. Tinuade Okebukola is a Physiotherapist and founder of PhysioCraft, a multidisciplinary rehabilitation practice that specializes in complex care. She is a recipient of multiple entrepreneurship awards from the IFC-International Finance Corporation, UK Government and MTN Corporation, deepening her expertise with a Ph.D. in Advanced Neurological Rehabilitation Science.

My Vision

It has evolved over time. The first one was to own a physiotherapy clinic close to where I live, treat people, have time for my family and get Ph.D seven years after graduating from the University of Lagos. Now, I can say that I surpassed that. My company, PhysioCraft has three locations across Lagos and Abuja. I am currently undertaking a Ph.D at the University of Florida, USA, a recipient of several business awards and my client profile is quite impressive. 

The second vision…I look at the healthcare space, and it’s so obvious that there are too few healthcare practices blazing trails in the industry. I have a vision of building and leaving behind a solid transgenerational profitable and socially responsible healthcare practice; one that is successful both in income and in impact. Sometimes, I ask myself if I can achieve it. It looks huge but I strive everyday trying to achieve it. I put in my best, work hard and commit my dealings to God, praying that forces align in my favour. 

My Driving Force

The driving force in my career has always been to live a full life; to have used all my skill sets to make an impact, so that on my deathbed, I can say that I used the talents deposited inside me and I did not let them waste. For example, as a Physiotherapist, I have excellent interpersonal skills, I am sensitive, tactful and yet firm. As a business leader, I form successful collaborations and I am innovative and adaptable. As a PhD candidate, I have analytical and problem-solving skills and I keep improving my communication skills. With all these skills and abilities, I want to ensure that at the end of my life, I would have put them all to good use.

Memorable Milestones

One career milestone for me was winning the Developing Solutions Scholarship to attend the University of Nottingham for my Masters programme. Attaining that made me prove many negative voices wrong. 

Another career milestone for me was managing, for the first time, a complex care patient. He was a seventeen-year-old boy who had suffered a severe stroke in Lagos and needed to undergo physical rehabilitation. I worked on the case right from the point of arranging an evacuation flight from Lagos to Abuja, then managing the equipment that would be needed both locally and overseas, ensuring surgeons performed a percutaneous endogastric gastronomy procedure where he could be fed through a bag in his tummy, to teaching him how to walk again, as well as working on helping him regain his memory and thinking skills. That wasn’t all; I also had to manage his family’s anxiety. It was really an intense period for me. There were a lot of things I had to do to get that young man back on his feet and snatch him from the claws of death. I still get a rush of adrenaline just thinking about that particular patient. 

Career Lessons

There’s one lesson that stands out for me. It’s so simple, yet so powerful: “It’s okay to fail; it’s okay to walk away; it’s okay to close down a business or say goodbye to things or people that aren’t working.” This lesson hit me hard. Let’s just say that I still feel the pain. But, like Tiwa Savage sang about the proverbial goat in one of her songs, ‘…the goat that rears backwards has gone to gather power’. I know I will bounce back. 

On Women Empowerment

I’m passionate about creating a level field for women because I believe we were lied to while growing up. They told us that a woman is supposed to be seen and not heard. They told us that behind every successful man, is where you can find a woman. And I’m worried. Why? Where did these lies come from? Why didn’t they tell us about Queen Amina or Moremi or Queen Idia or Emotan? These were women who performed great feats for their community. Why haven’t they profiled the iya-oloja(s) who are the economic juggernauts of our local markets? 

Historically, women are underappreciated or put down when they try to “be”. It’s sad because when a woman thrives and uses her skill sets, the world becomes a better place for all. 

In my organization, one thing we do to contribute to women empowerment is our training and mentorship program for aides and carers. This is a programme predominantly created for women so that they can add value to themselves and also get gainfully employed. I have also noticed that when families are dealing with issues such as health crises, it is the wives, mothers, daughters who bear the brunt of the mental and emotional pressure. This has inspired me to kickstart a support system for such women, it’s a safe space for women in these situations to get encouragement, get help and access resources. 


Every day when you wake up, go out with the belief that you have all it takes to make it big. Even if this isn’t the case right now, don’t let that deter you or shake your belief. Keep the belief up, and one day, things would begin to materialize. 

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