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This Space is For Sale

This Space is For Sale

The Spark Profiles Travel The Motherland


Travel the Motherland (TTM) is an African Travel Agency which provides quality and affordable services for business trips and vacations.

Passion was the driving force behind the establishment of TTM. “TTM started due to our passion for exploring new places and things. We wanted to experience traveling the world but on a budget. We knew this could be done so we decided to start a travel agency to focus on our passion for travel as well as finding great travel deals/ packages all year round for ourselves and others.” 

“We registered the company TTM, then sought out and found a suitable business partner who had extensive experience in the travel industry and understood our passion for exploring the world at large especially African countries, then merged and formed TTM.”

The travel industry is very competitive therefore a major challenge TTM faces is getting competitive rates for tours/ tickets for clients. “This keeps us constantly on alert to secure the best travel packages/ deals and due to our combined years of experience in the travel industry, we work the competitive market well.”

“God is our major inspiration. And in addition, our inspiration comes from the various beautiful locations in Africa which we feel should be celebrated.”

When asked about projects that they have ventured in that served a major highlight in their business, they had this to say, “Without breaching the confidentiality of our clients, we would say that in the space of a few months, we have been awarded contracts to handle a couple of major corporate clients which at first, seemed difficult to achieve, But we believed that because we had combined industry experiences coupled with our passion for what we do, clients see our professionalism and trust us to deliver.”

Looking forward, “a major opportunity we are looking for is the opportunity to sell Africa to the world. Let the world see the beauty Africa possesses, that Africa is not what they see on TV, that Africa has endless opportunities for everyone.”

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Website: www.travelthemotherland.com

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