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The MaIN Brands

The MaIN Brands


Made In Nigeria Brands (MaIN Brands) is a community of Proudly Nigerian Brands. We use online social platforms to curate, showcase and promote product and service brands made in Nigeria, as part of efforts aimed at stimulating the growth of local industries, and the development of the Nigerian economy at large.

MaIN Brands started three years ago with just five brands in the community. Our motivation can be found in the expression: “what good is a diamond nobody can see?”. We have a massive amount of faith in the capabilities and quality of the ‘Nigerian Hustle’. And we believe that many great brands are being made by Nigerians everywhere you go. But the biggest challenge is both being known, and being known as ‘good enough’. So, what do we do? How do we bridge the gap?

That need to elevate the brands out of Nigeria led us to the creation of MaIN Brands. And with the democratic powers of the internet, we decided to leverage the digital space. We now have over 400 brands and still growing.

In that same period, what we do for the brands in our Naija family have evolved overtime as we not only curate, we have also connected these brands with both local and global customers through our marketing channels across platforms. Thus, helping their bottomlines.

The most impactful part of our contributions has been in the area of standardisation. We have helped our brands raise their bars in terms of quality and packaging in order to compete favourably with their international counterparts. When we launched three years ago, we were receiving requests daily from home and abroad and we quickly realised the need to work with these brands in ensuring they meet required global best standards. So, we work with them on their packaging, label designs, photography, video marketing and more. Today some Nigerian brands are sitting pretty on shelves in other African countries, United States of America, while some are selling on Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce website.

Just a few years ago, Nigeria could not boast of producing 30% of what we consumed. But today, we have moved from totally relying on exports for sustenance to producing most of what we consume and providing services tailored to our needs. We now produce a significant portion of our own foods and food derivatives, ready to wear fashion pieces, leather accessories and many other services. We had relied so much on importation in Nigeria that we weren’t aware of the great things we can do on our own.

Brands made in Nigeria are also enjoying a positive shift in perception from being seen as local and of inferior quality to being embraced locally and globally. The number of people supporting and buying indigenous products is growing tremendously every day.

The special feature of this edition celebrates some of these amazing brands and businesses and we hope that this will encourage more Nigerians to create more indigenous products and services. We hope to continue getting more support from Nigerians at home and Nigerians in the diaspora by patronizing Made in Nigeria products and services so that together we can grow Nigerian businesses… grow the Nigerian economy… and grow Nigeria.

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