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The Fearless Fitpreneur

The Fearless Fitpreneur


The Muse

You want to know why we gave that title. Bunmi George is, indeed, fierce. Her story will convince you. Read on. 

She starts, “ShredderGang started during my personal struggle with obesity. From my adolescent years, I started to gain weight at a rapid pace. At age 16, I was 100kg and by age 18, I was 130kg. A few months after I turned 18, I found out I was pre-diabetic, and since diabetes was quite common in my extended family, I was determined that this wouldn’t be my story.” She could only think about how to be fit and healthy. 

She adds that ShredderGang was never in her plans as she wanted to be a certified clinical psychologist. But as she lost weight, she developed improved interest in human nutrition and diet regulation. There’s always that Spark. 

“I wanted to be an expert in order to continue helping myself. After I lost the weight, people wouldn’t stop calling me to help them lose weight, they had seen my journey and it was inspiring. It was out of this need that ShredderGang was born.”

Changing Narratives

Fitness has yet become a daily conversation in many homes in Nigeria. There is a sole attention on ‘looking to God’ to help healing processes and prevent ‘evil illnesses’. But Bunmi is here now to upturn such dispositions. 

The Fitness enthusiast turned entrepreneur says, “Back in 2013 when I first moved to Nigeria to pursue this as a passion and career, the industry was quite desolate. Though gyms were running, there was no popular public opinion on wellness and fitness. Most people mostly used pills, herbs, shakes, and not a lot of people had an active exercise regimen. What ShredderGang did was to leverage technology, especially since almost every individual has a phone and access to the internet. Every single day, we pushed meaningful content out to the general public. We teach healthy living the Nigerian way with Nigerian foods, and how to navigate a sustainable healthy lifestyle even for those that live in busy metropolitan cities. The growth in the industry in the last six years has, indeed, been impressive.”

Comparing Nigerian Brands To Global Standards

We always talk about how best to sell ‘Nigerian’ in the global market. I mean, why not? Bunmi corroborates, “The industry has grown rapidly and exponentially in the last few years. And this has only happened because of the efforts of key players that lead the industry. Seven years ago, the chances that you find a smoothie bar in a 2km kilometre radius was almost impossible but today, We have smoothie bars scattered around major cities. Take So Fresh Neighbourhood Market for instance, this is a healthy food company which is opening stores in almost every major area in the busiest Metropolitan cities of Nigeria. iFitness Centre is a fitness chain that has gyms located at different locations around Lagos. Compared to global standards, we are still very much behind but not for too long. We are no longer crawling. The walk is on, I expect to see the industry run in no time. We should also expect to see Nigerians in the wellness and fitness space take their place globally in the next 2-5 years.”

Change is ongoing and it is rapid! 

Staying Focused In A Relatively Hostile Market

“Knowledge is POWER! I believe in educating individuals. They say “when you know better, you do better” The more educated you are on a subject matter, the more willing you are to listen and adhere. However, Resilience is our watch word. We keep pushing no matter what, sooner rather than later, individuals will succumb.”

The Future

Can you determine the future? You will say: I can only try. Well, we are here to tell you that you can do better than try; you can plan ahead and make it work. ShredderGang is doing just that. See how: “There is also much going on in the pipeline, but I don’t want to show our cards just yet, but I would share that ShredderGang has created Africa’s first nutrition, wellness and fitness app. The App provides nutritional information on over 1500 African meals and over 550 exercises. There is so much information with just a click of a button. We have made it easy to keep track of your lifestyle, it is like your coach but in your hand. Individuals don’t need to look too far anymore.”

Why Choose ShredderGang?

“I don’t believe I have a side but I believe in a sustainable healthy lifestyle from birth to death. Eating the right amount of foods, exercising at an optimal level and limiting the consumption of alcohol.”

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“What will make you stand out as a Fitness entrepreneurs these days is your level of expertise. People aggravate towards those who are experts, who have knowledge. So if you need certification in a particular area, go for it. Never rest, always be a student of learning.”

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