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The Event Empire

The Event Empire


The events industry is just as important and Eventecture is on an electric train

Starting And Branding

How do you start, trying to penetrate and lead in a market where you can’t determine what will happen the next day? How do you even scale when you hardly get investors in the local environment? Well, these are questions that would be answered some other time but, “Eventecture was birthed out of the need to solve problems in the event space in Nigeria through design, thus the name Event Architecture – Eventecture. Established in 2010, Eventecture started out as an event and set design company. Understanding that the event scene, though expanding, was absent of innovation and that wow effect that would leave people gasping and in awe, Eventecture started to fill this gap one event at a time. Many years after, the company has evolved and expanded to bring that extraordinary touch to other related sectors.”

Playing A Part In Progress

As a business, you are definitely a viable addition. Now imagine when you are bigger than expected. You have more employees, bigger tax bags, service people – to ease their worries…you can say you become indispensable at some point. I mean, you’re in there. For Eventecture, the belief is that “Everyone wants the extraordinary!” So, be a part of that movement. 

The events expert, Oluwatoyin Olatunji-Daniel adds, “everything is evolving in geometric progression and the events space is not left out of that revolution. There’s also that insatiable demand for new, forward thinking solutions that will keep the target audience engaged and excited. This is true for both social and corporate events. This is where we come in. Our brand promise is innovation and differentiation. We have a meticulous system in place that starts from understanding and distilling the brief fully. Our world class design team then get to work to create mind blowing interpretations of what, most times, seem impossible. Once we have final alignment, the production is processed through a very painstaking process to ensure that what we deliver is precise, distinct and perfect! We have over the years developed a reputation within the industry – if you want the impossible delivered, call Eventecture and go to sleep!”

Brand Values

Too important not to be discussed. These days, people become loyalists when they see your company pays attention to that concept: added value. Interestingly for Eventecture, they are “Excellence, Integrity, Organisational justice and Happiness!” 

Imagine, just imagine you experienced all of that one time! 

Oluwatoyin adds, “we focus on creating and maintaining value and we’re passionate about challenging the status quo and upping the ante. The word “impossible” is not in our lexicon. Our immediate enemy is always our last achievement, and everything we do is guided by imagination, precision and distinction. Integrity is very important to us, internally and externally. This is what will guarantee our longevity. We ensure that every brief is a promise kept. Organisational justice, because our people are the most important asset we have. Happiness is what we create! 

They are not just words, we know that. 

Connecting The Dots

This is a conversation we will probably continue to have for many years after now. We can’t start throwing blames all around, we can only try to salvage what has been destroyed. Indeed, Nigerians are industrious people, Eventecture is a typical example. 

More reason there’s a conscious attempt “to provide world class service, equivalent to what is obtainable anywhere in the world  – talk about helping to change that narrative.”

Eventecture’s Sui Generis Nature

How do you enter a market with the same ideas as those already in the market? Not true of Oluwatoyin and her team.

She says, “We’re changing the narrative and showing that though we’re young and proudly Nigerian, we have the same and even better capacity to deliver.”

No more ultimate preference for foreign experts or products.  

Sniffing Eventecture’s Aura

You can’t possibly want to enter and lead a market that has reliable experts like Eventecture – it means that as an entrepreneur, you should learn from market leaders when you can. Her words: 

“Be disruptive! If it’s not broken, break it! Then create something new. We operate in a challenging environment. So, you should be motivated to not only think out of the box, but do away with the box totally.”


Breaking Bounds

Breakthroughs. Trailblazing. Changing narratives. 

The events entrepreneur has this to say, “There’s no one-size-fit solution as our industry, though young, is very complex. The industry has come a very long way and there are so many trailblazers we should be grateful to, who opened doors and kicked them down where necessary. There are many players today doing amazing things and winning awards locally and internationally. We all should just keep pushing the boundaries of possibility and we will get the industry and indeed, the Nigeria of our dreams.” 

Eventecture really matters for your events. They are the real deal. They give you the best.

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