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The Business Bedrock


Financial advisory services is just as useful  


Did you know you could delegate duties even outside your organisation? Enzo Krypton and Company is a management consulting practice – here to help you solve difficult problems. In other words, it is a professional services firm that specializes in providing business and financial advisory services to corporates and business leaders. 

We had a chat with the leaders  – Deji Kurunmi and Emmanuel Tarfa – and this is what they had to say: “Currently, our core practice areas covers Management Consulting, where we assist business leaders solve critical problems of sustainability and growth; Financial Advisory, where we have assisted several businesses raise capital from VCs and Private Equity; and also Human Capital where we provide organisational development services, outsourcing, recruitment and learning interventions. Our learning interventions are both for corporate organisations – usually as an outcome of a skills audit exercise and also critical employability skills where we impact our highly sort after domain knowledge. Interestingly, we saw companies who had problems and we sought to help solve them.”

Deji and Kurunmi started the business believing that Africa has its part to play; and a role in the global economy. “That resolve remains strong and our mission is to catalyze the growth of African businesses for global competitiveness.”

Globalising But Staying Nigerian

You can’t possibly argue that Prophets need to stay in their homelands to be respected. “We are proudly Nigerian. We don’t try to maintain our “Nigerianess”, we belong to the class who represent the best of what the country has to offer the world: A truly Nigerian spirit of hard work, intellectual acuity and integrity. 

Brand Values And Philosophies

An important question indeed. Consumers no longer focus solely on the product or the service you are rendering, they also need to understand what internal (and external) values do they extrapolate? 

To answer this, the founders say, “We demonstrate a tremendous amount of faith in our clients and bend our backs over to produce excellent work that demonstrates thought leadership and competence. We believe disciplined conduct and a heart of reverence for the profession and client’s aspiration is critical as we by default become custodians of trust. All of these are governed by a culture of freedom and responsibility. Anyone who attended a public University will understand what freedom means. Responsibility is what will ensure you don’t end up wasting your time there. At Enzo Krypton & Company, we do not have an official opening time – neither is there a closing time. We don’t babysit nor micromanage. Performance is based on the quality of work produced as a result of diligence and intellectual rigor undergirded by discipline.”

Beating Competition

“To be frank, we do not focus on competition. We focus on our mission. In the normal course of work in our industry, you get to see what other players are doing but, in a developing clime like Nigeria, there are vast opportunities to stimulate change by thinking differently. Traditional thinking is what keeps you locked in a red ocean.”

Enzo Krypton And The Economy

“We would say this in one word – Human Capital. By now, it should be clear to Africa that our greatest resources are not beneath the earth. That mentality is what has created economic slavery. Prioritising the development of African brains above the mining of natural resources is what will salvage us from underdevelopment. Natural resources should simply have given us a huge vantage position. How we deploy economic resources is proof of what we prioritise. At Enzo Krypton & Company, we are solving the human capital challenge by assisting businesses with the injection of much needed intellectual capital for sound decision making and a dedicated desk for result-oriented learning interventions. We just created a solution called WQ which is designed to ensure that investments in learning/training has direct impact on organizational performance. This has been a big challenge in the industry.”

Leaving A Legacy

“We have done countless pro-bono work that impacts on improving living standards in Nigeria. Our structured CSR currently is a partnership with Siloan Medical Centre through their foundation in providing free medical care in selected indigent communities and capacity building for medical workers.”

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