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The Art of Closing with Lai Labode

The Art of Closing with Lai Labode

Ignite Series with Lai Labode

Yesterday, we had a brilliant conversation with an amay guest, Lai Labode for the third edition of our Ignite Series.

The conversation, though nearly derailed by a host of issues, still went on and was excellent, just like the others.

This edition focused majorly on the Art of Closing, where entreprenurs were taught how to negotiate and bring deals to a successful close.

Some of the lessons that stood out are shared below:

Put Your Best Foot Out

When starting out, ensure you enter the market with a good product or service. This would give you an advantage to leverage in the market place. Ensure you understand your competitors and offer a better service or product at the same price range. Also, remember that not everyone will buy your product, so study your market. When you have confidence in the product or service you’re offering, you’ll be more confident in your negotiations.

Stand Out

Lai stressed the need to always stand apart from your competitors. To acheive this, you have to be innovative. Your business model has to be top notch and unique. You can’t afford t keep doing things the same way you’ve always done them and expect something different to come out of it.


Never hesitate to pay for expertise. There’s something experience brings to the table. It can help move your business from one level to another.

You really needed to have been on the session. It was filled with amazing goodies.

These and more lessons laced the session. It was a moment filled with creative and mindblowing insights for any entrepreneur looking to learn how to close deals.

Every word from the session was on point. You need to watch it for yourself to get full value.

Watch the video here!

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