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The Apex of Audacity

The Apex of Audacity



My name is Olawale Ayilara, MD Landwey Investment Limited, one of the real estate development companies in Lagos, at the forefront of the real estate business. Landwey develops residential properties and we also sell lands. 


We’ve done quite well by the grace of God. Our challenge, and I say this often, has to be infrastructure. When we launch projects, we have to start from scratch. I’m talking about road, electricity, water. This is a major challenge to the real estate sector generally, not just for us at Landwey. 

Competition/Unique Qualities

Well, the level of competition in the real estate market in Nigeria regularly increases. The last three years has witnessed so much; especially increased market entrants. A lot of people think it is a high transaction market, but it’s really not like that. What we’ve seen a lot of people come in and out of the market, because people can’t stand the principles that make the business sustainable. 

Our goal is simple – to build a sustainable brand, driven by excellence, making us one of the top real estate leaders with the largest market share. So, this constantly drives us.

What makes us different is what we bring to the table – value. We don’t compete on price; we have never been known to compete on price. Value, in terms of understanding customers and giving them the best. We are customer centred and, empathy is something we value.

When we joined the industry, we experienced huge growth, where a lot of competitors were able to benchmark their product, service, and company structure against Landwey’s standard. We innovate every now and then; which has gained us a lot of traction in the last three years. Also, we consistently research the market and use data effectively. 

Recent Big Ideas

We were the first real estate company to use VR (Virtual Reality) for site inspection. We are also strong on Google mappings for all our projects, added to the fact that we are a very transparent company – ideas missing in the market. Asides that, we have an initiative designed for clients called Weymoney, where clients buy property from us, borrow 70 percent of that property value and pay for one year in a lump sum with no interest rate. All these set us apart every time.

Dotting The i’s

We have been able to represent our company as a global brand, or a leading brand in Africa. From 2020, team members will be able to work from home for a day in a week. But the workplace designed is such a way that the team, mostly millennials, will always want to come in. 

The Future

I will share some of our plans. We’ve done land projects successfully and now are moving to residential development, which is what we’re doing currently. We are still coming up with a mall and a resort project. We are also currently working on a project proposed for Eko Atlantic, which is a mix use – commercial and residential. 

CSR Initiatives

We want to be strong on CSR, as we love to give back. We are doing well right now and give to several foundations, because we believe that our national development is key. We believe strongly in this, because the environment can’t thrive if we don’t give back.  

You will see more collaborations from Landwey, as we are talking to companies that are forward-thinking and in the same industry. Indeed, you will see and hear big announcements from Landwey. A lot of things we’re working on are still underground.

I can boldly say that Landwey will be around for the next 50 years.

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