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The A.R.T In Nature

The A.R.T In Nature


What Art Means To Collins

Art to me has always been the fundamental language through which I express my thoughts, beliefs and experiences. It is a tangible and visual language of self expression. It gives flesh to creative expressions.

Art is also an opportunity in time to question and proffer answers to situations and experiences. As an artist, when you miss this opportunity to be part of a universal system and be unified with the elements which contribute to what makes life what it is, life becomes void.


The concept of tradition and heritage connote the transition of customs and beliefs from generation to another generation. The artist, just like every other person in a society, is traditionally, a part of that society and is, therefore, directly or indirectly influenced by that society. 

I constantly, through my work, document my experiences and thoughts and hope that future generations will be able to share my views about my time in my generation. This is one reason I try to keep my work contemporary so it reflects the time I am existing in and will become useful and resourceful materials for future generations.

Collins ụdị

My works highly seek to unify repurposed materials, recycling and contemporary ideas. I regularly aim to transform both functional and discarded materials and refine them to express ideas and experiences that can be put in spaces that people can connect with. My sculptures mostly explore birds, animals and human forms as subject and, I use these subjects as muse to highlight my thoughts, experience and opinion about my society. Spoons, forks and chains are mediums that I have worked with in my practice as an artist. These are also materials I will be showing in my forthcoming solo exhibition tagged RAPTURE.

Rapture, in the context of the body that I will be exhibiting between 26 October to 25 November, 2019, encompasses human struggle to be free and attain infinite desire.  All around are news of war, poverty, oppression, slavery, political sabotage of humanity, self identity and human right struggle, climate crisis, natural and man made disaster. The exhibition hopes to ignite the conversation that answers questions to the endless struggles of man lies with. 


My greatest inspiration is the society I live in and been able to connect with human experiences. My journey as a human being and the realisation that we’re all a part of a universal network and that the more we reach out, the stronger we’ll become.

Resources/Journey So Far

My journey as an artist began as early as when I gained knowledge of my special gift as a child. I went ahead to study art from the Auchi School of Art, Auchi Polytechnic, and graduated with a distinction in 2012, measuring in sculpture. My first spoon sculpture was created in 2012, inspired by a challenge by one of our lecturers, who wanted us to create sculptures using non-conventional materials. The handle of spoons helped me with just the feathers of birds. I have been working on a research on birds as a symbol of freedom and self-expression. Coupled with the fact that, at that point in my life I was searching for ways to discover my part as an artist and express who I am. I started full-time studio practice after moving into Lagos in 2015. And it has been a great experience making powerful sculptures from repurposed materials. 

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