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Soaring Through Uncertainty

Soaring Through Uncertainty



What do you do when you encounter an unprecedented pandemic that you have never experienced before? As a society, how do we respond to the needs of average citizens devastated by an unknown disease that threatens our health, wellbeing and livelihood? As an individual, should you step forward and help, or should you sit back, do nothing and place the onus solely on the government? Should you run or should you fight?

In the next few pages, we will be describing how a coalition of private organizations is stepping up the fight against COVID-19, working alongside the government to end the pandemic. It is a story of not just how the private sector can rapidly mobilize its resources and knowhow to collaborate in achieving a common good, but one of empathy and a shared humanity that transcends culture and economic status. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID).

Why CACOVID Was Formed

When the year 2020 started, we all thought that it would be a year to never forget, simply because it was the beginning of a new decade.

When the first case of the coronavirus disease was confirmed in Nigeria on the 27th of February, 2020 by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), no one thought it would alter the course of history in ways we couldn’t predict — just like those before it. Infectious diseases have always been with us and our history as a race is marked by a string of pandemic diseases – from the Black Death that struck Europe in mid-1300s to the Spanish flu of 1918 and the more recent AIDS pandemic in the 1980s.

COVID-19 marks the return of a very old but familiar threat and it is reminding us that infectious diseases have not vanished. 

Early this year, COVID-19, which is an extremely virulent strain of the Sars-COV virus family, forced the world into a standstill. Since the index case, the country has recorded over 26,484 confirmed cases as at the time of writing this piece, with over 600 deaths and 10,152 recoveries, spread over 36 states in the country. Today, COVID-19 is considered public enemy number one!

With some of the country’s major cities implementing lockdowns and imposing curfews in a bid to stop the spread and halt new infections, tens of millions of Nigerians were forced to stay indoors for the collective good of all. The government has no doubt done a lot to fight the pandemic, but with the size and complexity of Nigeria, it cannot do it alone. A pandemic of this magnitude and importance needs all hands on deck. This is why CACOVID was created – to support the efforts of the government to control the spread of COVID-19.

The Beginning of Nationwide Impact

CACOVID was launched with the singular mission of supporting the efforts of the government providing direct aid to the Health Ministry and ultimately fast tracking the end of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

After the NCDC put out a COVID-19 action plan, the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, Aliko Dangote and Herbert Wigwe issued a call to private sector partners to mobilize more resources for the response. A goal of N120 billion was set and organizations were invited to participate.

In collaboration with the CBN, and other concerned individuals and corporations, CACOVID has thus far, raised over N27 billion. Now with over 100 contributing organizations, CACOVID has principally worked on three areas:

  1. Increasing Nigeria’s Testing Capacity

With the growing number of cases, it was evident that Nigeria had to drastically increase its testing rates to meet up with the case. Evidently, CACOVID’s first priority was to invest in expanding the national testing capacity. To this end, 20,000 test reaction kits, 35,500 sample collection swabs, 5,000 (Viral Transport Mediums) VTMs for conveying samples, and 100 infrared thermometers were delivered to NCDC by CACOVID.

Furthermore, CACOVID donated Extraction Kits (Testing kits) to the NCDC. This kit is especially designed for COVID-19 and is a critical part of diagnostic tests, a lack of which stalls the molecular diagnosis for COVID-19. So far, CACOVID has delivered 140 extraction kits. These 140 kits translate to an additional 14,000 tests.

With this support, the Nigerian government will be able to ramp up testing by 34,000.

  1. Creating Isolation Centres

After testing people, it’s important that they’re isolated and treated properly to prevent the spread of the contagion. In partnership with the State Governments and part of a two-phased programme, isolation centres have been created in all states in Nigeria.

CACOVID has commissioned over 4,000 bed Isolation centers in 36 states and FCT, all set up with the required medical equipments such as ICU beds, Respirators, X-Ray unit, Ultrasound Machines, Biosafety cabinets, Defibrillator (AED), Patient Monitors, Oxygen concentrator and regulator, Generators, PPEs (Scrubs, Coveralls, Facemask, Sanitizers, Protective Googles, Face shields, Disposable gloves), etc. The goal is to ensure that every patient who tests positive receives adequate treatment.

  1. Delivering Food Palliatives

CACOVID’s primary goal is to save as many lives as is humanly possible. In line with this mission, the coalition decided to address the distress of the public through its food palliative program. As some of the country’s major cities were in a prolonged lockdown, about 1.7 million vulnerable homes (the poorest 5% of the Nigerian population) stand to get relief in the form of food items distributed by CACOVID’s Operations Committee.

That number was arrived at by taking into account the total population of Nigeria, which is about 200 million people and addressing the bottom 5%, with an average of six people per household. These households will receive food palliatives, across the 774 Local Government Areas nationwide.

As expected, the question is how will the food be distributed? Is it even possible for one organization to reach 1.7 million homes across a country of more than 200million people?

The modalities adopted in getting the relief materials to the targeted households are as follows:

  1. Distribution has followed a bottom-up approach.
  2. The Coalition is leveraging its network to reach all 774 local government areas, assigning its member partners (over 80 private organizations) to oversee the delivery of these food items.

The Coalition also ensured that only essential items will be distributed such as Rice (10kg), Garri (10kg), Salt (5kg), Sugar (5kg), Spaghetti (Carton) and Noodles (Carton).

Catering to over a million households is an uphill task and yet, can seem negligible when compared with the total Nigerian population. Asides this, there’s also the larger population with sources of income that have become more unstable due to the pandemic. To further bridge this gap, over 60,000 cooked meals and 140,000 loaves of bread have been donated.

The Journey to Recovery

What will life look like after COVID-19? This is a question that needs to be answered by all sectors. There are several businesses and individuals going through incredibly difficult times and it will be a lot of pressure for them to get back on track.

We are facing an unprecedented event and it is uncertain what the future holds. Nevertheless, there is a fundamental belief that irrespective of how things evolve, we Nigerians must stand together and help one another. This has been the impetus for the private sector to get involved and we use this as a clarion call to invite more partners to join the coalition. We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

CACOVID Relief Fund

List of Contributors

1Central Bank Of NigeriaCentral Bank Of Nigeria
2Alike DangoteDangote Industries  Limited
3Flood Relief FundPres. Committee On Flood Relief & Rehabilitation
4Abdul Samad RabiuBua Sugar Refinery Limited
5Femi OtedolaAmperion Power Distribution Ltd
6Herbert WigweAccess Bank Plc
7Jim OviaZenith Bank Plc
8John CoumantatousFlour Mills Of Nigeria  Plc
9Mike AdenugaMike Adenuga Foundation
10Modupe  & Folorunsho AlakijaFamfa Oil Limited
11MTN Nigeria PlcMTN Nigeria Plc
12NDICNigeria  Deposit insurance Corporation
13Oba OtedekoFirst Bank Of Nigeria
14Raj GuptaAfrican Steel Mills Nig. Ltd
15Segun AgbajeGuaranty Trust Bank Plc
16Tony ElumeluUnited Bank Of Africa
17Bank Of IndustryBank Of Industry
18Deji AdelekePacific Holding Limited
19FrieslandCampina WamcoFrieslandCampina Wamco
20Rahul SavaraWacot Rice Limited
21Tolaram Africa Ent LtdTolaram Africa Enterprise Ltd
22Africa Finance CorpAfrica Finance Corporation
23Citibank Nigeria LtdCitibank Nigeria Ltd
24Ecobank PlcEcobank  Plc
26Fidelity Bank PlcFidelity Bank Plc
27Stanbic IBTC BankStanbic IBTC Bank
28Standard Chartered BankStandard  Chartered Bank
29Sterling Bank PlcSterling Bank Plc
30Union Bank PlcUnion Bank Plc
31Multichoice Nigeria LtdMultichoice Nigeria  Ltd
32Apm Terminals Apapa LtdApm Terminals Apapa Ltd
33Coronation Merchant  BankCoronation Merchant  Bank
34FBN Merchant BankFBN Merchant Bank
36Heritage BankHeritage Bank
37KC Gaming Networks LtdKC Gaming Networks Ltd
38Keystone BankKeystone Bank
39Nova Merchant BankNova Merchant  Bank
40Polaris BankPolaris Bank
41Ports & Terminal Multiservices LtdPorts And Terminal Multiservices Ltd
42Providus BankProvidus Bank
43Rand Merchant BankRand Merchant Bank
44Sun Trust BankSun Trust Bank
45Unity BankUnity Bank
46Wema BankWema Bank
47Five Star Logistics LtdFive Star Logistics Limited
48Ports & Cargo Handling  ServicesPorts And Cargo Handling  Services
49ENL ConsortiumENL Consortium
50Josepdam Ports Services NigJosepdam Ports Services Nig
51Systemspecs ltdSystemspecs Ltd
52Atiku AbubakarAdama Beverages Ltd
53Globus BankGlobus Bank
54Pastor W. F. KumuyiDeeper Christian Life Ministry
55Ports And TerminalPorts And Terminal
56Takagro Chemicals LtdTakagro Chemicals Ltd
57Titan Trust BankTitan Trust Bank
58Wa Container TerminalWa Container Terminal
59Kam Wire LimitedKam Wire Ltd
60De Damak Nig ltd AutomobileDe Damak Nig Ltd Automobile
61Adron Homes Properties  LtdAdron Homes Properties  Ltd
63lnnovate1 PayAhmadu Mahmoud Apapa
64Apapa Bulk TerminalBulk Terminal
65ECN TerminalECN Terminal
66Ekeoma Erne EkeomaEkeoma Erne Ekeoma
67Greenwich Trust LtdGreenwich Trust Ltd
68Ladol Logistics LtdLadol Logistics Ltd
69Sil Chemicals LtdSil Chemicals Ltd
70Cowry Asset Mgmt LtdCowry Asset Management Ltd
71Comet Shipping Agencies NigComet Shipping Agencies Nig
72Jennifer RamatuEtuh FoundationHandy Capital Ltd
73Me Cure IndustriesMe Cure Industries
74Jubali Brothers LtdJubali Brothers Ltd
75Adg Inti. Resources LtdAdg International Resources Ltd
76Norrenberger lnv. Capital LtdNerrenberger Investment Capital Ltd
77Ocean Lords LtdOcean Lords Limited
78Few Chore Fin. Company LtdFew Chore Finance Company Ltd
79Prosharena LtdProsharena Limited
80Tarabaroz Fisheries LtdTarabaroz Fisheries Limited
81Abayomi FolorunshoAbayomi Folorunsho
82Kanakala Lakshmipathi NaiduNaidu Kanakala
83Usman AhmedUsman Ahmed
84Anyaehie S.lkechukwuAnyaehie Stanislaus lkechukwu
85Frederick KlghaFrederick Kigha
86Jayakumar SelwamJayakumar Selwam
87Manji Tabwahat LongmutManji Tabwahat Longmut
88Mr. & Mrs. 0. E. OluwajobaMr. & Mrs. Ojo Edward Oluwajoba
89Hamza Muhammad KambaHamza Muhammad Kamba
90Kamalu AminuKamalu Aminu
92Mohammed GhaliMuhammedMohammed Ghali Muhammed
93Adamu YusufAdamu Yusuf
94Uchenidu CollinsUchenidu Collins
95Bashir AuwalBashir Auwal
96Bilal AbdulsalamBilal Abdulsalam
97Umar Nafiu UsmanUmar Nafiu Usman
98Bashir SulaimanBashir Sulaiman
99SaniAito lsahSaniAlto lsah
100Abubakar ShehuAbubakar Shehu
101Sanni ZakariyyaSanni Zakariyya
102lbrahum Mohd Bellolbrahum  Mohd Bello
103Alhaji Mallam MusaAlhaji Mallam Musa
104ldris Muhammadldris Muhammad
105Abubakar Ismail AbubakarAbubakar Ismail Abubakar
106Bello ShuaibuBello Shuaibu
A list of contributors to CACOVID

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