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BrandSpark: Ringier Africa vs Red Media

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BrandSpark: Ringier Africa vs Red Media

Damilola Oyewusi
new media

New Media has not only affirmed its importance in marketing, social networking, and entertainment, it has become a veritable tool for driving social change and providing salient solutions to long-standing problems. Two New Media giants in Nigeria take the stage in this edition of BrandSpark.

– By Damilola Oyewusi

This is a generation of business owners, corporate organizations and public figures whose marketing & branding efforts would be incomplete without including new media in its strategy. Brands, from multinationals to individuals, SMEs and media houses are constantly jostling for the attention of existing and potential consumers, to win them over or keep their attention from straying to a louder or more attractive option. Consumers are bombarded daily with information, persuasive messaging, entertaining content and so much more that continues to reduce their attention span and increase their appetite for more captivating content.

This has created opportunities for several new media companies and digital mavericks, armed with new technology and bustling with innovative ideas, to create methods to the madness. More than charting effective ways to engage and win over consumers for clients, some of these companies are using the power of digital media to provide solutions that solve real problems.

Ringier Africa Digital Publishing

This media giant has a presence across Africa and operates through two divisions – Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP) and Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM). With a presence in six countries across East and West Africa, the company is living up to its promise of information, entertainment and establishing connections.

The flagship digital publishing platform, Pulse (Pulse Live in Kenya), has grown to become one of the most visited and trusted publisher of news and entertainment stories. Their engagement levels were boosted by the introduction of Vox-Pops and street interviews, published on their social media and YouTube channels. This content style has become more than a rave. They’ve connected with the local populace and inspired several other brands to toe the same line. The team also started the year, 2018, by signing a content agreement with The New York Times, taking their news syndication game a notch higher in addition to the existing relationship with Business Insider, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health as part of the Pulse Network.

The award-winning Ringier Digital Marketing (RDM) arm of the company is also highly rated and works with some of the biggest brands in the continent, providing branding and digital media solutions for businesses and individuals alike. With a presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Senegal, the reputation gained in the past 3 years has led to their management of brands such as Heineken, Nestle, Samsung, Siemens, British Council, One.org, Indomie, Deutsche Bank, Dangote, and many more industry leaders. In addition to this, via RDM Academy, they have taken it a step further to provide digital marketing training to entrepreneurs, SMEs and larger enterprises to help improve their in-house online marketing expertise.

Also part of their stable of offerings is the Play Studio creative unit. Through this unit, they are able to provide world-class videos and graphics to complement RDM’s 360 digital marketing strategies for some of the most engaging campaigns across Africa.

Beyond providing information, entertainment, and being a digital marketing powerhouse, Ringier’s digital solutions are perhaps some of the strongest contributions for millennials across the country. Following series of acquisitions and mergers in the last three years, Ringier One Africa Media operates some of the leading marketplaces in Africa like the thriving home-grown digital solutions like Jobberman, Cheki and Private Property.

In addition to all these various accomplishments, RADP is a unique, exciting and vibrant space, especially for young creative minds taking the Nigerian digital eco-system by storm.

Although the company’s expansion plan and partnership strategies places them in an advantageous position, the continuous improvement in the quality of their services and products is what gives and will continually give them an edge in the saturated space.


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RED Media Africa

The RED team has built a media empire on the back of salient principles driven by a desire to inspire and empower young people. From dominating the content marketing space with the message of inspiration and charging Nigerian youths to dream and take action through products like YNaija magazine and YNaija online TV, RED has grown into a network of four companies delivering effective solutions and meaningful results across Nigeria and other African countries.

Through its specialized subsidiaries – Nucleus, CC, #OnTheScene and StateCraftInc, RED Communications delivers bespoke solutions in PR, digital marketing and branding to dozens of well-known brands from corporate to individuals, government and faith-based organizations in Nigeria and across Africa.

Their flagship social enterprise, The Future Project has grown from just recognizing and celebrating successful young Africans, to actively empowering them and spurring them to action. From The Future Project Volunteers to its partnership with Microsoft on Accelerate Labs, the Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders and other developmental projects, the vision of using media to give young people the tools to live their dreams and contribute to social and economic growth is a reality.

In recent years, the team (StateCraft Inc.) has gained repute for its communications expertise in the public space, getting credited for successfully steering the odds in the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria and again in the 2016 presidential election in Ghana.

The RED team is a prime example of how new media and media in general is more than a channel for passive information and entertainment but a tool to drive social change and development. In their own words, they create media experiences that inspire young Africans to take action.

Admittedly, RED media and Ringier Africa are two media groups in Africa who are continuously changing the face of New media in the continent and also paving the way for other great minds as well.

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