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Photography by Yeta

Photography by Yeta


Yeta’s real name is Precious Ejayeta Ogaga. He is a photographer, seeking to capture beautiful moments of life.

Photography    Photography

When asked about when how he started, he has this to say, “I basically started taking pictures when I was younger in high school. Trying to get a good display picture was what made me to put a lot of work into my images and it got better over the years till I was able to do the same for others. I started getting acknowledgement from my family and friends and so, I decided to go professional.”

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Talking about what his art hopes to portray, he says he wants to show the beauty in certain moments and events that he believes should be memorable.

And that is why he is inspired by the beauty he sees around. “It’s the beauty I see in the moments in life and events I want to remember, the beauty I want to express and the desire to do the same for others that inspires me.”

Photography     Photography

You can reach him on

Instagram: @dah_yeta

WhatsApp: 08097439143

He stays in Benin but he is available to travel.

Photography     Photography

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  • Yeta are really talented photographer, nice pictures, great concept, amazing graphics.. he is d complete package a model needs.
    Y – Young
    E – Educateducation
    T- Talented
    A- Archivist