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Painting by Chidimma

Painting by Chidimma

painting by Chdimma on the spark - youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Chidimma Stella Nwafor is a female Visual Artist and a Painter, to be precise.

painting by Chdimma on the spark - youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

“I am a graduate of Fine and Applied Art, Painting major from University of Benin. I am a corps member currently serving in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. I paint and draw emotions of myself and things that happen around me. I also do photography of mostly nature and I do it for fun.
My hobbies are art, music and food.”

“My flair for art got stirred in my teenage years. The first time I remembered doing a remarkable drawing was on my secondary school years when I was encouraged by my friend to do art as a career.”

“My style of painting is realism – expressionism, and my medium is mostly oil on canvas and also graphite. I love to explore different styles of art and I also love to express myself by playing with different colours reflection on my works.”

“I currently use my art to talk about self love, emotional breakdown and body shaming.”

“Things that inspire me are my personal emotions and bad things that happen around me. Emotion triggers me to paint what I feel.”

About art and culture in Nigeria, she says, “Art and culture in Nigeria is still on the verge of developing. I think the government should invest more on art and culture by doing so, it’s going to attract more tourists to the country and also help in developing the country.”

“Art and culture can be a source of empowerment to the youth if only the government should build more museums and galleries, not just in the major cities but other parts of the country.”

“The government should also learn to preserve our art for future use, that is, we should learn to handle our art piece with more care.”

Connect with her via
Instagram: chidimmanwafor_art
Facebook: Nwafor Chidimma
Email address: [email protected]
Phone number: 08140298280

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