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Painting by Akintunde

Painting by Akintunde

Painting by Akintunde - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

Akintunde Oyelakin, also known as Paintboyoye, is a 17-year-old artist who likes reading novels, watching cartoons and movies.

Painting by Akintunde - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

“I started drawing since I was a kid, I got inspired by comics that I read as a kid, the likes of Archie and Supa Strikas; I wanted to be able to draw like them. I also have always liked watching cartoons and drawing them out and also creating my own imaginary characters in my head.”

“I started painting last year in 2018 and although I couldn’t get the right materials to use I’ve been able to do well with what I have, this whole painting thing with me just started and although I haven’t gone so far I hope to.

“I got inspired to start painting on shoes and jeans when I saw artbybello who is an artist also that paints and advertises his stuff on Instagram with the handle @artbybello.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I’m at the peak of this painting career because I really just started but I want to do more and get to greater heights.”

Akintunde says he is inspired by Cartoons, movies and comics. He is also inspired by artbybello. “When I see his art, I get motivated to do mine.”

Concerning art and culture in Nigeria, he has this to say, “the perception many Nigerians and by extension, the government have of art is not encouraging at all, unlike culture.”

“It can become a source of empowerment if more light is shed on it and the platform is provided for artists like myself and others. Giving us a chance to prove what we are made of will not just putting us on the map but Nigeria as well. Art can be a source of income for the country, especially with foreign currency.”

Find him via

Instagram: @lxkin_
Phone number: 08178556464
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