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Our Society Through Art

Our Society Through Art


Social issues are talked about and expressed in different ways. The artists behind these artworks have succeeded in speaking on social issues the best way they can; through art.


– By Ayandola Ayanleke

Some people find expression through speech, some do through the written word and others express themselves through art. One thing though is constant; it is all done to explain how we see the world. Sometimes, we need the eyes of another to give us perspective or call our attention to what we would have otherwise missed.

Beyond the brushstroke and the drawing of the pencil, bal-lpen or charcoal is an artist trying to pass a message on how he sees the world. With social entrepreneurship as the theme for this month’s edition,and the awareness of the plethora of problems plaguing our dear nation, there is always a solution.

The public speaker speaks about it, the writer writes about it and the artist expresses it through his art. The artworks featured here are some that resonate with us, showing us not only what the Nigerian environment is, but also what it could become.

Graphic Design by Somtochukwu Instagram: @somto_ace
Digital Illustration by Shutabug Instagram: @sutabug.me
Realistic Painting by Nnadi Arts Instagram: @nnadiarts
Photography by Holashots Instagram: @Holashots_Photography
Visual Design by Korty Instagram: @korty_eo
Poetry by Bright Instagram: @Imperialmonte_

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