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Organisations Investing in Tech Startups

Organisations Investing in Tech Startups

organisations investing in tech startups - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

You have an innovative tech idea you want investment for? Here are ten organisations that are ready to invest in your idea.


– By Ayandola Ayanleke

Technology is here to stay and it is ever growing. Technology is the present and it is the future. The world has recognised it and has quickly embraced its potency, little wonder some of the most developed countries are also the most technologically advanced. Fortunately, developing countries have also seen the light and are running with it as well. Nigeria is one of such countries. There are so many technologically advanced and savvy minds in Nigeria. Some have reached the peak and many more starting out. If you are in the latter category, then you need information on organisations that have been set up to not only fund your tech ideas but help bring it to fruition.

  1. GreenHouse Capital

GreenHouse Capital is the brain child of Venture Garden Group (a holding company of financial technology entities). GreenHouse Capital was launched in January 2016 as an independent investment holding company and their goal is to build the largest fintech investment holding company in Africa by investing in technology companies in Africa. Contact them by visiting Unit 2, Alma 2, Richmond Gate, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria, calling +2348099518140 or sending an email to [email protected] . You can also check out their website at http://greenhouse.capital.

  1. Leadpath Nigeria

Leadpath Nigeria is a seed capital fund that provides start-up entrepreneurs in the tech space with the required mentorship, enabling environment and funds in order to bridge the gap between start-up and market dominance. They are especially focused on high growth technology areas like software, web and mobile technology. Leadpath accepts applications all year round. For more information, visit them at 70,Olonode Street, off Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos or send your inquiries to [email protected] . You can also visit their website at http://leadpath.com.ng/.

  1. NG_HUB

NG_HUB is an idea of Facebook in collaboration with CCHub (Co-creation Hub) to bring techies together to learn and exchange ideas. A very recent venture, NG_HUB has also launched a research and mentorship-driven 6-month program called FbStart Accelerator. The program is targeted at innovative teams creating solutions through advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Data Science, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR). For more information, visit https://cchubnigeria.com/fbstart.

  1. Africa Fintech Foundry (AFF)

AFF is a pan-African fintech accelerator supported by Access Bank, Microsoft, IBM, Kantar TNS, SAS and SystemicLogic. The accelerator was established in order to boost technology forward and they achieve this by investing in technology start-ups through training mentorship and funding. Companies are expected to apply and stand a chance to be chosen for mentorship from world-class investors that will assist start-ups in reaching their full potential; to receive seed investment of 10% -12% equity investments that range from $25 000 – $50 000; receive office space that is perfect for collaboration and networking and other benefits including marketing and legal services. Get more information by visiting https://www.africafintechfoundry.com/ or apply here https://www.africafintechfoundry.com/apply-now

  1. Google Ventures

Google Ventures is a Capital Venture arm of Alphabet Inc. that provides venture capital funding to companies bold enough to push innovations in the fields of life science, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, cyber security, and even agriculture. Since its launch in 2009, they have invested in over 300 companies that dared the impossible. Visit their website https://www.gv.com/ to get more information.

  1. AccionVenture Lab

AccionVenture Lab is a seed-stage impact investment initiative of Accion, a global non-profit organisation that seeks to create a financially inclusive world by giving people the financial help they need to improve their lives. Accion Venture Lab offers financial and other forms of support to innovative start-ups, especially in areas like alternative data, blockchain, machine learning, digital identification and other emerging technologies. Contact them at [email protected]or visit their website https://www.accion.org/ to get more information.

  1. Trequity Capital

Trequity Capital is a global finance and asset growth company with key investment focus on technology companies as well as other sectors, including film production. The company, which is currently headquartered in Lagos, also operates in Dubai, London and New York. They invest in tech companies that create value through artificial intelligence, mobility, IOT, cloud computing, augmented reality, virtual reality and other emerging technologies. To find out more, send a mail to [email protected], call 2341230101 or visit their website at https://www.trequitycap.com/ .

  1. StartPreneur

StartPreneur is a technology accelerator and venture builder that helps build innovative ideas anchored on augmented reality, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain. They are focused on growing a completely digitalised Nigerian economy and one of the ways they do that is by investing into innovative ideas geared toward their goal. If you want to join and be among the over 4000 people they have trained, then visit their website at http://startpreneurs.com.ng/ or contact them at [email protected] or call +2348140424240.

  1. Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A)

Venture Capital for Africa is focused on connecting African start-ups to different opportunities in different sectors. VC4A seeks to strengthen the start-up eco-system, including that of the tech sector, by exposing them to all they require to succeed including mentorship, funding, training, research opportunities and other forms of empowerment programs. For more information, visit https://vc4a.com/ .

  1. Seedstars World

Seedstars is an idea born in Switzerland to accelerate innovative ideas by connecting them with empowerment. It is all about impacting people’s lives through entrepreneurship and technology. They empower entrepreneurs by providing them with mentoring, funding, visibility, network and even office space. They also conduct Seedstars World Competition where start-ups or emerging entrepreneurs apply to pitch their ideas regionally and globally. For more information, go to their website at https://www.seedstars.com/ .

Help is sometimes closer than you think. If you are tech start-up, there you go; ten organisations at your fingertips ready to help you build your innovative idea.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in The Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read other articles.

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