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My Entrepreneurial Journey

My Entrepreneurial Journey


I still remember quite vividly the thought and anxieties that went into drafting my resignation letter, dated March 14, 2016 – it was my ticket to board the entrepreneurship train. 

My foray into the world of brand consultancy and advertising was driven by an innate passion to be a part of the rebranding of Nigeria. 

I had worked in varied capacities within the Lagos State government and recognised the obvious truth that what Nigeria requires for genuine and sustainable growth is a stronger private sector driven economy.

It is the role of government to regulate economic activity in the public interest, however, while the strong systems, checks and balances ensure stability, these bureaucracies tend to rise to a sometimes obstinate state which disrupts and impedes genuine economic activity. 

The entrepreneurial journey, however, disallows for the attainment of any such state. It is fuelled strictly by reputation and business strategy. The ability to translate these two elements gives your brand its value. Working towards a desired reputation while continually adapting in strategy is the key to survival in this constant dynamic global economy.

The brand essence of SLICE MEDIA is Nigerian innovation and patriotism. Belief in the ingenuity of our businesses and the global value of our own brands compels us to struggle for autonomy, and to empower others on a similar Nigerian journey. This line of thought negates any sort of reliance on government for the sustenance and survival of economic development. 

As we have found at SLICE MEDIA, the currency for survival of our citizens lies in harnessing our core talents, celebrating them and honing our intangible skills. In this lies our differentiation strategy. It never wavered, even when our branding and advertisement strategy did. 

With a yearning passion, amplified by a lineage of patriotic empaths; the sanctity of the Nigerian state is a very natural ideal to be pursued ardently. An autobiography by my father Olufemi Okunnu (S.A.N, CON) titled ‘In the Service of the Nation’ is an in-depth narration of his lifelong contribution to the National discourse in The Federal Republic of Nigeria with an insight to solutions proffered in servitude. This intangible asset of his, has fuelled my innate drive towards finding progressive solutions for all issues especially in the context of my beloved country. 

To thrive, amidst the serial disruptions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Nigeria must invest more in intangible assets, like design, branding, and software; than intangible assets, like machinery, buildings which are being rendered redundant with each new technological disruption.

As with any business, the ability to deploy assets that one can neither see nor touch is increasingly the main source of long-term success. One of the reasons we have been experiencing economic inequality and stagnation in production is because we are constantly trying to import expertise otherwise known as ‘intangible assets’ when we have it in abundance. 

Unfortunately, the unusual economic characteristics of intangible investments ensures that fundamentally, the expertise cannot be replicated but can only be exploited to the benefit of the expert. 

Nigeria is rich in Arts and Culture beyond comprehension. It is the fabric design of our country. As we must and should know, these forms of Art are peculiar to our imagination and cannot be replicated. 

We also have a population leaning towards 200 million with over half being a dynamic youth population, we must understand that we have reached our prime as a Nation. These numbers ensure that we have billable data at our disposal, software investment is key to harnessing this value.

As the creative lead of Slice Media, my goal is to highlight how branding across a diverse spectrum of industries, from start-ups to super-star brands, to niche businesses and non-profits can enlist the characteristics of an intangible age fused with innovation to drive contextually pertinent communication. 

Our services strive to bridge the awareness gap in any given industry and expand the opportunities provided by this medium. 

As an Advertising Consulting Firm, we are consistently enlisted into strategic committees with roles primarily to advise and assist in the development of mass media activities for our Clients. We are a team of highly skilled campaign communicators and offer unique access to markets throughout Nigeria. 

Our experience, buying power and unbridled creativity helps us deliver exceptional value to match clients looking to solve their long-term Brand visibility needs. 

As the Leading Traditional Media Practitioners in Lagos; also known as Outdoor Advertising, we provide High Impact Brand Awareness for clients looking to navigate this dynamic media space. We know what works, and deploy this knowledge and experience to effectively tailor client needs.

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