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Mobile Apps Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Using To Stay Productive

Mobile Apps Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Using To Stay Productive


Mobile apps have proven to be the reliable assistant of entrepreneurs and many of them understand the point of following technological trend.

­­­­By Ayandola Ayanleke

Technology has come to stay and with it, many other transformations that are constantly experiencing updates. Mobile apps are one of such transformations that have made it easier for entrepreneurs to achieve productivity in their businesses without much fuss. Entrepreneurs have realised the importance of leveraging the ease that comes with mobile apps. We reached out to six entrepreneurs to tell us the mobile apps that assist them in achieving productivity in their daily hustle.

“I am always on the road and I need to keep up with my team. That is why Slack is one of my most used apps. It makes virtually keeping up with work with my team possible. I also use Evernote to take note of ideas, my to-do list, important messages and meetings.”

Adewale Yusuf, Founder and CEO Techpoint.ng

“The mobile apps I use for my business are Canva and Trello. I use Canva to design images that I use for my social media networks to convey our brand message and also use Trello to organise and plan our brand projects, which makes my work easy to implement.”

IsiomaNeneOnyegikei, Founder Brelunds Food Company

“Communications is a big part of what I do and love. In this field, great, captivating and relatable content is key in driving engagements and satisfying our clients. The 21st century is one that could be called the visual century because we relate better with what we see. I have been able to keep up with the pace because consistently, I ensure that I put up quality and engaging content. Some apps have been able to help me, I would call them my power apps and they are Hypetype, Legend and Watermark. I have been using them for a while now to create captivating content and engaging visuals.”

Elizabeth Osho, Founder So.Media Solutions

“Advertising is a multi-facet communication language for brands. In smoothly running our clients’ campaigns and helping them achieve their goals, my team and I rely on applications like Slack, WhatsApp and Gmail (to mention a few) for communication and ease of campaign tracking. With these apps, I can stay on top of events as they unfold.”

Yetunde Jack, Business Director ACE (A Creative Expression)

“I run a content distribution company, therefore, the CalendarApp and the Arcadia Mobile TVApp come in very handy. Theyhelp me stay up-to-date with production meetings, the whereabouts of the production team, telephone conferences (both locally and internationally) and also lets me know the type of content uploaded daily for viewers to watch.”

Olamide Yousuph, COO Utopia Media Group

“In order to send real-time invoices and receipts without delay, Wave helps my business keep track of sales and expenses, manage invoices, customer receipts, pay employees, scan receipts and generate accounting reports. It really comes in handy in terms of time management and organisation and it also works for my customers because they do not have to meet me physically to get their product receipts.”

Barbara Okereke, CEO Oven Secret

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read more articles.

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