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Mobile Apps Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Using to Get Ahead

Mobile Apps Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Using to Get Ahead

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Entrepreneurs play a vital role in market economies, and over the years, the presence of some mobile apps have surprisingly made them more productive than ever.


– By Lanre Solarin and Michelle Edoreh

In this digital age, things are pretty much easier for entrepreneurs. But as the saying goes, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Millennial entrepreneurs have an obligation to use mobile appsif they want their company to remain competitive. That is why we asked six young entrepreneurs to share their go-to app of choice that boosts productivity for their business. Here’s what they had to say:

“Every professional should use a calendar app. Being a Productivity Consultant, I understand that we need to treat time as more valuable than money.  I like Google calendar because it helps me prioritize so I can easily make decisions on what tasks to do and when. I can also use it across my devices. So whatever events I create are saved on the cloud and I can access from a different phone on the go.”

– Olu Ogunlela, CEO Kairos Krunch


“There’s a saying in the culinary world whichgoes thus, ‘you eat with your eyes first’. Instagram has played a big role in growing my business clientele. The app even contains a preset that helps in editing food pictures for food bloggers. Using this app to edit my food pictures enhances the picture quality while posting it attracts traffic to my page and also leadsto an increase in enquiries that have led to actual sales. At least 70 percent of my jobs and references have come from Instagram.”

– Chef Zoey Blaq, Owner Zabambam Kitchen Catering Services


“To keep up with my business targets for sales, it is important I churn out the very best content. I understand that images have the innate ability to communicate my brand message. This is why I use the Aviary photo editing app to create visual content for my business with each passing day. It increases credibility in my brand and also increases sales.”

– Debola Amokomowo, Kijani Organics


Zoho social for business allows us at Socialite manage all our social media accounts for clients in one place. It also allows us to invite our clients to see how their social media presence is going thereby saving time in sending multiple reports from different social media platforms.”

– Seyi Fakoya, Socialite


OneNote is a lifesaver for my business. It’s available on both mobile and web and really, synchronization is key. I love the fact that I don’t need internet for it. If I’m off the grid, I can create notes in the to-do checkbox style and once my internet connection is back, it synchronizes. As an entrepreneur, I just can’t do without this app. It’s super useful.”

– Daniel Adia, MyNaijaReviews


“Every online business like mine needs great graphics and due to the fact that I was spending so much money on putting my startup together, it was almost impossible to afford a good graphic artist. Canva came to the rescue. With this app, I did not need a background in graphic design. The easy drag-and-drop features with a sea of free templates in the app have helped elevate my business to a whole new level.”

Nkemdilim Odili, Yanga Baby


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in The Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read more articles.

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