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Meet Victor – The Environment Advocator

Meet Victor – The Environment Advocator

meet victor the enivonmental advocator - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Victor Okolie Alex, also known as Valex, leverages on web and mobile technologies to enable households and organizations to participate in recycling activities.

“I started on my present career path because I couldn’t get any job after scouting in the nooks and crannies of Lagos state. So I decided to dedicate my time and energy on something I have a great passion for which is advocacy in environmental conversation.”

“In the course of environmental conversation endeavour, I realised that Nigeria doesn’t have actionable data that can be used to enforce better environmental policies and decided to leverage on this opportunity. The transition from advocacy to forming a social enterprise has been a rough but learning process that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world.”

He draws his inspiration from books. “Being a veracious reader, I draw my inspiration from books. In 2017, I read about 50 books and I have given myself the target of finishing 100 books this year.”

“In regards to who inspires me, my choice is Les Brown the Author of “Live your Dreams”. Listening to his motivational recordings is what made me more success oriented and resilient while I face any adversity.”

Being among the regional finalist for a competition he entered for was a confidence booster for him. “I applied for the 2018 World Bank’s Ideas for Action competition with an idea I barely had vast knowledge about but was selected among the regional finalist. This result reinforced my belief and also made me realise that I and every other human have unlimited potentials.”

Moving forward, “I am open to opportunities that can help to advance my cause, accelerate the growth of my business and also enable me effect large scope impact in my community. Presently I want to receive mentoring from a successful millennial in the tech sector.”

Concerning youth empowerment, he says, “Today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders, so youth empowerment in respect to the African continent is imperative if the entire continent want to become a major player towards the progress of humanity in this era which is often referred to as the second “Technological Era.”

“Nigerian youths in particular can be empowered through capacity building programs and start-up funding that will enable them compete with their contemporaries in other climes.”

Connect with him via

Instagram: @victorecocare |

LinkedIn: @ Victor Okolie Alex.

E-mail: [email protected]/

Offline: 08089607475

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