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Meet Samuel – The Art Director

This Space is For Sale

This Space is For Sale

Meet Samuel – The Art Director

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Samuel Olusoji Oluwagbemi also known as Sammy J, is a digital artist and art director, who was inspired by the family he came from.

“I come from a family of photographers, which is a form of art. I was particularly inspired by my grandfather. He was one of the first people to use graphic software to create digital art from his photography studio in Nigeria.”

art director

His major challenge has to do with the use of his intellectual property. “The challenge I have faced is what I think most people with intellectual works have faced one time or the other; the use of our work without acknowledging us. This has been a major challenge since people can copy your work from social media and use it as their own. This act is frustrating and I hope something can be done about it sooner rather than later.”

The art director draws inspiration from the society around him; trending events, music, movies and situations in the country.

Talking about a project he did that increased his belief in his craft, he mentioned a project he embarked on during NYSC. “While I was a corps member in Kebbi state (2015), I worked on a project with an NGO for a campaign against cultural segregation. I loved the idea of the whole project and the positive effect it had on the society. I still look forward to going back there.”

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Now he hopes “to work on a state or national project especially those that are inclined towards welfare campaigns. Art is a tool by which we can communicate hope to the hopeless.”

“Youth empowerment is very vital if we as a country expect anything bright in the future,” he says. “I believe the way forward is to empower the youths based on what they love to do. Let them follow their passion and support them. Presently, government would buy a sewing machine for someone who has interest in soccer. That will not work, that is why our youth empowerment always fails woefully.”

Art director

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