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Meet Richard Momodu – The Avid Entrepreneur

Meet Richard Momodu – The Avid Entrepreneur

Meet Richard Momodu the avid entrepreneur - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

Richard Momodu Lucky , also known as The_richie, is a writer and entrepreneur.

“I write and I have taken up a keen interest in entrepreneurship. I’m reading voraciously on the field to gather as much knowledge as possible before I venture into a business of my own. I’m very enthusiastic about health and food and I have come up with some business ideas as regards my interests, which I hope to materialise soon.”

“I draw inspiration from my mother, who was an avid business lover.”

When he was asked about a venture he engaged in that increased his confidence in himself, he says, “I sold some Nigerian made shoes some time ago, it wasn’t very successful but then again I wasn’t well-informed on the market. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.”

Now, he is seeking for a cash grant to help bring his business ideas into realisation.

Youth empowerment, Richard Momodu believes, is very important and this can be achieved in many ways. Some of them are; provision of start-up funds, advocacy for the importance of books (reading), and eradication of the quick money syndrome and reincarnation of values.”

Connect with him via

Phone number 08137701803
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Richard Lucky Momodu

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