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Meet Precious – The Retailer

Meet Precious – The Retailer

meet precious the retailer - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Precious Eniayekan, also known as Sparkle, is a Retailer. “I buy and sell fashion items ranging from clothes to accessories.”

“I started as a final year student in the university. I didn’t want to graduate and be among the numerous jobless people. I managed to save some money and after my last exam in school, I went to get 5 handbags with the little I had saved and in few days I sold all the bags and made double of my capital. That was how I started,” she explained about how she started her business.

Concerning inspiration, she says, “I draw inspiration from my childhood, the experiences of poverty, starvation and rejection I had. Whenever I think of it, I get inspired to do more, to be better and work hard for myself, my siblings and to be able to contribute to the world at large.”

Empowering a group of teenagers was a confidence booster for him. “In 2016, I was inspired to help teenagers in rural areas to become the best version of themselves. I and my team went a village in Ogun state and hosted more than 300 teenagers, gave them food, books, clothes and other materials and we also organized a conference for them where we taught them on leadership, governance, self-development and entrepreneurship. It gave my life a new sense of meaning because it made me realize I can live for people other than myself.”

Looking forward, he is open to mentorship, training, funding, cash grants and internships.”

She thinks youth empowerment is very important because “personally, I think it’s the backbone of any economy. Any nation that is big on empowering their youths experiences growth economically, morally, technologically and so on.”

Youths can be empowered in different ways through access to jobs and opportunities within their skill set, access to loans and grants and access to professional/vocational training that would help them become skilled at what they’ve chosen to do.”

Reach her on

Email: [email protected]/

Instagram: @precious_eniayekan

LinkedIn: precious eniayekan

Phone Number: 08181008962

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