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Meet Oyeronke – The Foodpreneur

Meet Oyeronke – The Foodpreneur

Meet Oyeronke The foodpreneur - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

Oyeronke Ladapo-Nwanegbo, also known as Rondeezee, is a foodpreneur. “We have a passion to satisfy people with our food (Ikokore) by making them feel loved when served and having to also put a smile on their face after a eating our delicately prepared meals.”

Meet Oyeronke The foodpreneur - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

Talking about how she started, she says, “It might interest you to know that it was a hobby that eventually turned into a business venture. I grew up in a household, where my mum prepared Ikokore once in a month and I remember how we always looked forward to eating it because it’s actually a delicacy that you don’t get to prepare every day.”

“So in 2015, an idea came to me and I decided I could start making and selling Ikokore online, since it’s a unique niche and I didn’t see anyone selling it online anywhere. I have always loved venturing into things that are not common. We were actually the first Ikokore porridge seller on Dealdey and afterwards we moved to other social media channels.”

She admitted they have faced a lot of challenges but she believes they are like learning tools to make them better. “When we first started, the buzz was out and we had high patronage, people were placing orders, we were happy, then we started having issues with commissions and it was not viable to our business.”

“We also participated in a food fair which did not turn out the way we expected it to be. We spent so much money and incurred losses at the fair. But I did not give up because I knew where the business is headed and I am relentlessly persistent. And I have a mantra, “when life throws you balls of flame, stay strong and be like the waterfall that would quench the flame.”

Meet Oyeronke The foodpreneur - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

“We had to look for a better market on social media and that did not help either, because sales dropped significantly but that did not deter us. So we took a break and went back to the drawing board and thank God for my IT background (by the way I’m a Software Engineer) and we re-branded the business. And now it’s a lot better and I’m grateful.”

The Holy Spirit, Oyreronke says, inspires her because He reveals the will of God, especially when she is going through challenges. “I also draw my inspiration from Mr Femi Otedola. I listened to one of his interviews where he talked about a loss of over $1bn and he mentioned he had two options, either he commits suicide or weather the storm. He chose the latter, because he knew God was preparing him for greater things. And few years down the line, his business is back and better.”

Teaching primary school pupils about programming was one project that increased her belief in herself. “I have actually worked on a couple of projects.  But the one that I really have a passion for was organizing and training of a few basic 5 and 6 kids on basic IT skills and introducing them to writing short programming codes. Though it was on a low scale, it is something I am passionate about and hope to expand and spread the awareness in the coming months.”

“Also, I recently supported a sister (the convener of The EGB Foundation) by visiting The Heart of Gold Hospice in Surulere, where food supplies were given to the children. We are still hoping more people would visit the hospice and donate food (cereals, milk, etc) and I believe nothing is too small. A little goes a long way when it comes to these kids, because they were abandoned by their parents due to their ailment.”

Meet Oyeronke The foodpreneur - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

Moving forward, she says, “I’m traditionally African and I’m trying to promote our heritage through the art and love for our delicacy. The only way this can be done is taking advantage of almost all the social media platforms and also through word of mouth, so that we would be the go to store when it comes to Ikokore porridge or yam porridge. We recently introduced yam porridge to our menu. And we hope to see our business grow beyond what it is now.”

Oyeronke believes that it’s about time both the young and the youths took charge of their lives. “When you have an idea, no matter how crazy it might sound, work on it and transform your consciousness through your passion, attitude or whatever you believe and take cogent action.

Due to my unparalleled desire for youth empowerment, I recently started a group on Instagram called Women in IT in Nigeria (WIITIN), where I hope women can connect and share ideas on one platform and also support each other.”

Connect with her via

Instagram: @ikokore_

Twitter: @re_iko

Email: [email protected]/

Call: 08170041865.

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