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Meet Onome – The Realtor and Interior Designer

Meet Onome – The Realtor and Interior Designer

Meet Yvonne the realtor and interior designer - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Onome Yvonne Mukoro, also known as Max, runs a real estate and interior design company called Archer Contracting Co. Limited which is dedicated to bringing the right people and properties together as well as infusing dramatic beauty into residential and corporate design projects.

“I studied law and on my first job as junior counsel to a law firm in Ibadan, I was placed in charge of the Chambers real estate portfolio. It was like fate because my father had had a long career in Real Estate Mortgage as a Chartered Surveyor and I was always surrounded by industries concerns growing up.”

“Now I run my own budding real estate company which also offers excellent, international standard, interior design services to corporate and individual clients alike.”

Onome draws inspiration from within, the past and from great dreamers and innovators of our times.

When asked about a project or venture she undertook that increased her belief in herself, she has this to say, “One of the earliest was when as a secondary school child, I, along with my school club (Project Citizen Club) were able to influence the building of an overhead pedestrian bridge in a problematic accident prone area of my community.”

Right now, she is open to mentorship and networking opportunities.

Concerning Youth Empowerment, she asserts that youth empowerment is the key to progressive growth.

“The Nigerian youth needs to be empowered with money.If this country believes this youth is her future she needs to put her money where her mouth is and support youth led innovation and industry with financial backing.”

Reach her via

Business: @archercontracting8688
Personal: @muk0r0

Business: Archer Contracting NG
Personal: Yvonne Diemifi-Mukoro

Business: @archercontrctng
Personal: @roundlust


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