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Meet Oluwaseyi – The Photographer

Meet Oluwaseyi – The Photographer


Oluwaseyi ‘Funso David Akinwotu, also known as Sheyak, is a photographer and he does both the capturing and the training.

Photography has always been Oluwaseyi’s passion, so he simply added vigour to his passion. “I started with capturing friends for fun and for free with my then analogue camera while in junior secondary school.

Talking about his challenges, he mentioned equipment and acceptability. “Passion kept pushing me out there but finance kept pulling me back till I had a breakout. Also, it took a lot of effort to keep going at a time when photographers were likened to hustlers.”

For the photographer, he draws inspiration from people and the words in the Holy Bible. “Gen 1:1 inspired me into the world of creativity. I gave me a challenge that I was created to create. Additionally, my dad, who bought my first camera when I was in jss1 and the great passion for photography of my uncle Kolawole in spite of his awesome career, inspires me.”

The job that made him believe in himself was when he was contracted for a funeral job while still at the university “even with my point and shoot camera. The 4k proceed gave me hope for a better tomorrow.”

Still, he is seeking for the opportunity to be a training facilitator with a scheme that would train the unemployed/youths of this country and those in diaspora the skill of photography.

Youth empowerment, to Oluwaseyi, is one of the lasting hopes for our nation. “We all cannot be in power but we can all be empowered. The good book says “the glory of a young man (youth) is in his strength. If we are empowered, the nation will become stronger. Just like an initiative called N-power, I suggest more of its kind for larger coverage, release barren lands for those who would want to embark on farming, organize vocational trainings for those who would want to learn vocations, give out low-interest rate loans for those who would want to go into trade.”
Connect with him via;

Online: twitter @oluwaseyisheyak
Instagram @sheyak_photography

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