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Meet Oluwaseun – The Art Director

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Meet Oluwaseun – The Art Director

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Oluwaseun Badejo, also known as The 53VN, is a Graphic Designer and Art Director with proficiency in brand identity design and strategy, advertising, and motion design.

When asked about how he started, he started from the beginning. “I always loved drawing and sculpting as a young child but my true love was in engineering, or better said, “inventing new things.” I switched to design when I got into the University and my HOD at the time refused to let me leave the department, I had to find something else doing that I loved and had passion for.”

art director               art director

The Art Director admitted he has faced many challenges. “First one was when I had to switch from my initial path into design, it was not a smooth one and it took me a couple of months during which I was very depressed as it seemed I had lost my way, but I faced and conquered it.  The second challenge I have faced is a creative/mental challenge; I never believed any of my designs or artworks are great enough to garner attention or reach desired objectives, this served as a roadblock early on in my career, but I conquered it by making sure to find the errors in any of my designs or artwork and working on improving on those areas in my next work. With this method, I became my own competition and thus I was able to grow exponentially faster than my peers.”

art director                        art director

He draws inspiration from his surroundings, emotions, colours. “I draw inspiration from how people’s feelings make others feel. And I draw inspiration from other designers and old cultures, they were the first and true artists; the old Indian Monks, the Vikings, the Mongols and the Chinese. Their art was genuine and reflected how they saw the world.”

A project he embarked on in 2016 was one that increased his belief in himself. “I embarked on a project that spanned the whole of 2016, I called it project 366. Considering 2016 was a leap year, I designed an artwork for every day of the year. There were issues with the quality at the beginning of course, but during that time, I began to grow into a better designer and started to learn more about design and how some software work. It made me see things differently as I was always on the lookout for the next inspiration. Since then, I have continually believed in myself and it has helped me pave new ways where I thought nothing could exist before.”

art director                   art director

Now, he is hoping to leverage on the upcoming elections of 2019. “I am currently taking advantage of the current political race to release a set of designs for a campaign that will rock the internet once more. I am looking to change the way people see designers in Nigeria with the campaign I am about to run. It is one that will explore the possibilities of a very unlikely outcome for this election. Watch out for it.”

In his opinion, “youth empowerment is just about getting as much information to the youths as possible. I am able to do what I can because I love to read a lot and stay updated; I prefer reading to watching videos. Most information about the world and current happenings are written in books. Any credible information source being delivered to the youth of a country is vital for its growth. The problem most of our youths have is that they do not know a lot, and that also includes me, we do not know a lot of things happening and how we can use it to help ourselves. That cluelessness is what drives incompetence. Most people don’t know that they do not know the things they should know, and at the root of it all is a very defaulting and polluted information system. The youths would not need to be empowered if they know the right things to do and how to go about it. Once we fix this problem or at the very least start fixing it little by little, the progress we will have as a country will be exponential. Our youths are very brilliant as we can see in the current booming tech industry; we just need to help them see their potential.”

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