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Meet Olajumoke – The Human Rights Activist

Meet Olajumoke – The Human Rights Activist

meet Olajumoke the himan rights activist - the spark youth empowerment platforms in Nigeria

Olajumoke Erinfolami, also known as Kristieope, is an entrepreneur and also a human right activist.

“I created a platform for young ladies on campus who have been sexually abused or assaulted by cultist, lecturers or even parents. This platform started in 2016 in Lagos State University and we have had testimonies.”

“I also created a platform for youths to equip themselves whether they get to make it to the labour market or not.  So we have vocational training in place that is to kick off in May 2019.”

Olajumoke draws inspiration from her own experience.

“I was a victim of sexual assault and I have seen many young Nigerians wasting because they never got the job they were certified for. I am fully aware of the gift in men and how 1 million people can carry 1 million ideas.”

Successfully organising rallies increased her belief in herself.

“In 2016, I had a rally in Lagos State University which was a walk against sexual harassment and indecent dressing.”

“In 2017, I held another rally but this time it was on sexual harassment on campus only and we had the management team of Lagos State University march out with us through the environment of the campus. We also held a conference tagged fearless. We invited seasoned speakers to address the students on how to be fearless. We also had a lot of sponsors.”

“In 2018 we organized another walk which was against abusive relationships. We also organized another conference for the students on the topic behind the scenes.”

Moving on, she is seeking for mentorship and how to reach a larger group of young people and changing their mindset about Nigeria.”

She opines that youths can be empowered if their mindset can be changed positively to see that they have the solution to the challenges in Nigeria. “They can be empowered through conferences and vocational training.”

Connect with her via:
Instagram: Official_olajumoke for
Email: [email protected]
Offline: 09020101301

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