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Meet Oladapo – The Lifestyle, Portrait, Real Estate & Event Photographer

Meet Oladapo – The Lifestyle, Portrait, Real Estate & Event Photographer


Oladapo Salami A.K.A QD [quedy] is a lifestyle, portrait, real estate & event photographer who doubles as an entrepreneur.


I have always been a creative individual, dabbling into various forms of art – writing, presentation, graphic design, drawing while growing up. Photography became my number one mode of creative expression about 6 years ago and I decided to take the dive into becoming a full fledged professional at it. I interned with popular photographer/videographer – Yomi Black to start, and its been a roller coaster all the way.”


Although Oladapo believes “the mark of a great photographer is creating amazing photos with whatever tools we find ourselves with”, his biggest challenge is the cost of buying equipment.

“That aside, the photography industry, if we can call it that, is extremely saturated at the moment so excellence is required to stand above the fold and this means there’s no end to learning. Its an ever evolving field.” He added.


As a photographer, his inspiration is drawn from his environment and new age smart thinkers. He also has role models such as Peggy Sirota and Michael Woloszynowicz. “These people have continually raised the bar at what they do and that alone is enough inspiration for anyone.”


One of Oladapo’s most engaging project was when he was commissioned to shoot lifestyle images for Guinness Nigeria in 2016.

“That was I would say one of the highlights of my foray into photography. The project was done in four major cities in Nigeria and it was a really fun experience travelling and shooting.”

He is currently looking into growing his portfolio as that would document his creativity.

When asked about his thoughts on youth empowerment, he said,

“Youth empowerment is an extremely important aspect of our lives. We are the most vocal about ills in our society yet the most nonchalant about acting up. Its on us as Nigerian youth to build ourselves up. Leadership in Nigeria has for a long time been attributed to the older generation, with the faux notion that we the youth are not worthy of assuming the mantle. That however is gradually changing but then, its never enough. We need to band up and prove once and for all, we have what it takes to improve our lives and communities.”



You can connect with QD Via Twitter/Instagram @iamQuedy, or email [email protected]

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