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Meet Moyosade – The Visual Photographer

Meet Moyosade – The Visual Photographer

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Moyosade Obafemi Kayode, also known as the Black Esper or the Picture Cellar, is a visual photographer. He creates visual content in form of photography and cinematography.

visual photographer                       visual photographer

Talking about how he started, he said he just bought a camera and started taking pictures.

He mentioned a number of challenges that he faces. “Getting clients to pay properly for service rendered can be a serious challenge. It is more difficult for new photographers to get their money worth because the clients usually just want to take advantage of our unpopularity. Also, I face the issue of people using my work without credit. Nigerians are not accustomed to crediting people for their intellectual property. Even celebrities who you would expect to know better are also guilty of this. For example, a young female celebrity DJ took her photograph from my page without crediting me, she even cropped out my logo. It is really a sad situation that is not helping us at all.”

visual photographer                  visual photographer

The visual photographer says his “mind and its excess reserves of information stored over the years” is his source of inspiration.

Talking about what increased his belief in his craft, he mentioned a compliment he received at the inception of his business. “The second week I started photography, my friend showed some of my pictures to his boss in the office in hopes of convincing her to hire me for their next shoot at work. She asked him how long I had been shooting and he told her one year, she was impressed that I had come that far in photography after just a year, when in truth that was my second week. It gave me a good morale boost.”

visual photographer                  visual photographer

Moyosade believes that Nigerians are gradually seeing the need for quality visual content, and as such opportunities will become plentiful as he continues building his craft.

On his opinion on youth empowerment, he thinks “the Nigerian youth should not wait to be empowered, we should do the empowering … empower yourself. The internet has made learning easier and way more accessible to everyone, take advantage of it.”

visual photographer             visual photographer

Connect with him via

Instagram: @thepicturecellar and @theblackesper

Twitter: @theblackesper

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 08038530561


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