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Meet Lengdung – The Computer Guru

Meet Lengdung – The Computer Guru

meet Lengdung the computer guru - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Lengdung Tungchamma describes himself as one who is putting a dent on the world.

He had this to say when he was asked about how he started, “In 2007, I heard that a young college dropout had invented a powerful tool that allowed those in Nigeria to connect with those in Canada, it gave the world a platform to connect in a radical way.”

“That invention was Facebook, and the inventor, Mark Zuckerberg! The idea that a college dropout who was 19 years old could create something that united the world in such a way was fascinating to me.”

“I insisted to my father that I needed to undergo a computer lesson and he enrolled me. Throughout the lessons, my dream was to log in to Facebook with a Computer. That would have satisfied me in a remarkable way. It did not happen; I had to wait until 2015.”

“From 2009 to 2015, I was inquisitive about the computer world; I read everything that I could find. I played with the computers in our school, I disrupted settings and I was very up to speed on how to use phones and gadgets.”

“It was not surprising that I chose Computer Science when I applied for admission to the University of Jos and it is not surprising that it is what I am studying.”

“Mark Zuckerberg was the person who influenced me on this path. I have never taken time to think about what I wanted to be, I knew right from that time that I heard of Mark Zuckerberg.”

Lengdung is often inspired by thoughts about the future. “Look at the future; it is there, waiting for us to bring it into reality. The future is begging us to make it grand, beautiful and amazing. Since the future is there, wanting and willing to be great, why not we be the creators of that future?”

“Once in a while, someone ought to do great things, a Martin Luther, a Jeff Bezos, a Mark Zuckerberg, an Abraham Lincoln, or any great personality of history, I am that someone.”

Concerning a project that boosted his confidence, Lengdung says, “Jenta Reads Community Initiative (www.jentareads.blogspot.com) is the project that changed my life. Even if Jenta Reads Community Initiative had failed, I would have turned out very different.”

“I and my friends were totally tired of the condition in our community hence we embarked on the project to change the story of our community, we knew education was the way. So we set up a library that is currently providing books to over 35,000 people. Jenta Reads changed me.”

And now, “Ketrido.Com is the new bride I am getting married too! The vision of Ketrido.Com is to empower local entrepreneurs by selling and delivering only locally made products.”

“Young people are designing amazing clothes, shoes etc but they are unable to reach a vast market which is available. Ketrido.Com (www.ketrido.com) is here to be that link! And with our services, we deliver goods within 30 minutes of order! We sell at the best possible price.”

“I am currently seeking for, especially, mentorship opportunities. Where I am going, I will need a lot of shoulders to stand on. Also, I am seeking for funding opportunities.”

Lengdung also learnt his voice on youth empowerment. The best way to empower youths is to give them an education. Education is the key! Give the youths education; right education, not just the school education or incomplete education. “

“Education is the most powerful we can give to anyone that we wants to help. Let the youths be given the right education, we will not be talking about youth empowerment in the next few years.”

Reach him on

Facebook: lengdung.tungchamma
Twitter: Lengdung2
Instagram: Lengdung
Gmail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 08166756617

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