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Meet Joy – The Cake Artist

Meet Joy – The Cake Artist


Joy Oluwatosin Olorunfemi also known as Just Edibles, is the CEO of Just Edibles, a cake-baking company. Joy believes that life is too short to eat bad cakes and so she is here to make sure you don’t.

The passion for baking was birthed in Joy when she was younger and watched her mum bake with so much passion and commitment. That got her interested and she started baking for fun. But by 2015, she decided to make it more professional and launched her business.

One of her major challenges has been prices. She complained about people negotiating prices at outrageously low and impossible prices. “People want quality but want to pay less for it. It doesn’t work that way. Some people even ask you why your price is high when all you do is mix flour and butter.” She also mentioned the challenge of establishing a good customer base, especially as she just relocated to Ibadan last year in 2017. And she is hopeful for a productive 2018.

The Holy Spirit is her greatest inspiration and she calls him a great teacher. Her surroundings also inspire her work.


The project that increased her belief in herself was during her NYSC at ATBU (Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University) when she was asked to supply cakes to the lecturers of the Faculty of Science for three days during examination invigilation. And although she had no oven but was using stove, it made her feel like she could conquer the world with her business.

Joy is hoping for a platform where she can have the opportunity to impact lives by training people to be self-sufficient.

To her, Youth empowerment is very good.

“It helps bring out the leadership quality you possess. Everything starts from the mind. If you believe you CAN, then you will. Go out there learn a skill. Be good at it and be committed.”

You can contact Joy on Instagram @olorunfemi_joy, Facebook on Olorunfemi Joy or send her a message on WhatsApp on 08160094951

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