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Meet Flora – The Cake Baker

Meet Flora – The Cake Baker


Flora Okpan Arodo, also known as Flocherry, is a cake baker, who bakes, designs and delivers cakes and snacks to customers.

Baking runs in Flora’s family. Her mum bakes and from a very young age, she was the one responsible for delivery of the cakes to her mum’s customers. Her involvement in her mum’s business ignited the passion for baking; and further questioning of both her mum and her customers inspired her to start her own small bakery. The cake baker started by baking for her sister’s kids and their friends before expanding.

baker                       baker

She admitted to facing a number of challenges ranging from electricity, equipment and trying to make sure the end product of the cake satisfies the customers. “Epileptic electricity is a major problem for me because mixing manually is quite difficult, especially as it regards fluffiness. Unavailability of equipment such as a standard oven slows the work. And finally, my weekends are usually chaotic because most parties happen on the weekends and I will have to shuffle orders and make sure I deliver satisfactorily.”

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Her inspiration comes from God, her mum and also a friend who is also a baker.

One project she worked on that really made her believe in herself was when she baked her first wedding cake for her immediate elder brother as well made three different snacks at the same time. “It was fun watching and learning what people love and prefer.  It was work and play at the same time.”

Now, she is hoping for the opportunity to get financial support so as to enhance and expand her business and she also desires a helping hand to reduce the work load.

She believes youth empowerment should be focused on creating greater community changes by developing individual capacity. To her, “youths can be empowered through youth empowerment programme such as social entrepreneurship, encouraging skills acquisition, engaging youth as volunteers and partnering with Non Profit Organisations (NGO).”

Readers can connect with her through

WhatsApp; 08061621909

Email Address: [email protected]

Instagram: flocherry 87



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