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Meet Fabian – The Career Coach and Trainer

Meet Fabian – The Career Coach and Trainer

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Fabian Chiedozie Akaeze is a speaker, trainer and career coach.

He had a lot to say when asked about when he started. “After I lost my job as a banker, I was miserable. So I heard one of my sisters listening to Les Brown’s audio recordings and I asked her to send them to me. I listened to the audio in my room every evening and I thought to myself, I can do this. I researched on public speaking and downloaded countless materials from the internet and I trained myself for months indoors. I would take courses and write notes, and read the notes the day after I had written them. I approached a stranger at a petrol station and asked for advice on how I can start my public speaking career. She told me to write proposals to schools and churches and that was how I began my new career.”

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The major challenge he faces is rejection. “Sometimes I’m afraid to follow up on a prospect because I don’t want to be rejected. If I was rejected politely, I wouldn’t bother, but when someone says mean words just because they can, it hurts.  I’m young, so certain people judge the book by the cover; they look at me and say we will get back to you. I remember while speaking at an event, the teacher in charge approached me and said that a pastor had to speak during my allotted time, because he (pastor) was in a hurry to attend a meeting. I handed the microphone to the man and the pastor was ushered in. He apologized to me, but I thought if I was a famous speaker, he would never have done that.”

The career coach is inspired by quite a number of people. “I am inspired by Jim Rohn, the first time I listened to his audio I was astounded. It was so easy to comprehend and I became obsessed with listening to his seminars. I’m also inspired by people like Jack Ma, Ibukun Awosika, Cosmas Maduka) who started from nothing, failed countless times but became successful. Presently, I’m inspired by John C. Maxwell, I love his books, and they have helped me to understand personal growth.”

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On the project that increased his believe in himself, he mentioned getting approval from the Lagos State Government Ministry of Education, to organize: Let’s start over a campaign to speak at the valedictory service programs of secondary schools located in Okota and Isolo.” I spoke on the topic, “Six principles I must practice daily.” I didn’t know anyone at the Ministry of Education and I didn’t think they would read my proposal, so I was surprised when I received a call inviting me to explain what I intended to do. It was a great experience because I added value to the lives of students that I might not remember but should remember me.”

Moving forward, the public speaker is looking for opportunities to “speak to students (secondary and university) nationwide. I want to share my topics with speakers in other states and countries, who want to make a difference but don’t know how. I would take advantage of the opportunity to speak abroad. I want to partner with the Ministry of Education to review Nigeria’s secondary school education system. I need this because I’m ashamed of the literacy level of our students. It’s like they attend school because it’s a requirement and not a necessity; some of them actually believe going to school does nothing for them.”

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Fabian believes think youth empowerment is essential. “For decades we heard children are the leaders of tomorrow and those children are now parents who are confused and don’t understand what to do with their lives. Youth empowerment is important because it fosters a succession plan. Before we can allow young leaders assume public office, they must be competent. Youth empowerment shouldn’t be a political promise, manifesto, and achievements of public office holders. It should be a means to an end. I believe no man (woman) knows what they can do till they try.Nigerian youths should be empowered not by telling them to become entrepreneurs and that they are too lazy hence the reason why they are unsuccessful. Nigerian youths should be taught how to use their God-given strengths to develop their country, not creating an empowerment program because they believe they owe it to the youths. Nigerian youths can be empowered by creating programs that stretch beyond the common skill-sets: sewing, catering, baking, photography, farming, shoe making, hair making and make-up artistry. Imagine empowering Nigerian youths on technology— I don’t mean a conference where people come and talk and the audience return home clueless – think about what that would do to the many young Nigerians who are obsessed with technology but don’t know where to begin. Our empowerment programs should align in the direction where the world is headed not where Nigeria feels it needs to go.  Our empowerment programs should spread to the entire nation – this includes urban and rural areas. Then youths everywhere in Nigeria can jump-start their thinking. Empowerment shouldn’t be restricted to youths, teenagers and children should be empowered. We don’t, as a nation, need to wait for the next generation to complain about unemployment before we implement empowerment.”

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Contact him via;

Facebook: Fabian Akaeze

Instagram: Fabian Akaeze

LinkedIn: Fabian Akaeze

Twitter: Fabian Akaeze

Telephone: 08036847892

Email:[email protected]





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