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Meet Eyitayo – The Founder of Teezie Zobo Drink

Meet Eyitayo – The Founder of Teezie Zobo Drink


Eyitayo Funmi Adebajo also known as Teezie or Mai Zobo makes Zobo drinks, in both mocktail and cocktail form.

Talking about how she started, she says, “In 1999, I was introduced to Zobo Drink by my fiancé – now husband – and I liked it. After a while in school I needed to support my mum with funds for my handouts and other lecture notes and school stuffs and so my fiancé suggested I make Zobo and sell in school. At that time it was already becoming a popular drink in school and so I decided to do it but in a different way. As a student, I could only afford recyclable bottles and that is what I used but I also had a plain sticker, we formed the name ‘Teezy’ and wrote it with a marker to differentiate mine. And that was how I started with 12 bottles, which I sold to my course mates every day. After leaving school, I stopped, got married, had kids, did a other businesses, then went back to Zobo business but it was on and off and I only did it if there was a request for it. I took a break and then a few years ago I went back into it, making 2 flavours. Then in September 2016, I had 5 different flavours of Teezie Zobo Drink.

Her initial challenge was patronage. “Initially, it was difficult getting any event planner to use us as vendor at their events, they were more interested in people who were making Chapman and other cocktail because they felt Zobo was a local Nigerian Drink. Pricing was also an issue but those who knew we were giving them value for their money patronized us. We are still faced with other challenges but we are overcoming and getting better.”

She draws inspiration from God.

On the project that increased her belief in herself, she mentioned doing a bit of sponsorship for some events even though on a very small scale. “Also, in April 2017, we launched our mobile drinks bar which we use at various events.”

Now, she is open to collaborations with industries within her space and also open to working with Angel Investors.

Speaking on youth empowerment, she says, “I so much believe in youth empowerment as it will encourage the youths to take charge of and be responsible for their lives. Nigerian youths can be empowered in various ways; skill acquisition, capacity building, management skills and entrepreneurship.”

Reach her on

Instagram: @teeziezobodrink

Facebook: Teezie Zobo Drink

Email: [email protected]

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