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Meet Emma Uchendu – The Career Coach

Meet Emma Uchendu – The Career Coach

Meet Emma Uchendu the career coach - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

Emma Uchendu is a Career Coach. He is passionate about bridging the knowledge gap among Africa’s entry-level young talents and providing sustainable solutions to unemployment and employability problems in Africa through intelligently curated courses, job search and placement support services through his startup, EveritinJob Service.

Speaking about how he started, he says, “Getting started on this path was actually born out of my passion to teach and educate others.”

“I was frustrated about my inability to get my desired dream job and being unskilled with relevant tools needed to hand me a smooth journey as an accountant.”

“Having faced a lot of rejections myself, I needed a solution for myself. I had been told I lacked some skills needed for efficient and effective delivery as an accountant and I set out seeking a solution to my lack while venting on the need for a real workplace skill on social media.”

“After some time, people started reaching out to me seeking help and guidance on their job search (answering interview questions and writing CVs and cover letters), career and workplace.”

“I remembered this particular lady reaching out to me to help you her CV; I had jokingly told her that she had to pay for the service.”

“I did the job and sent to her email. Later in the day, she called to tell me how happy she was and how the CV was a complete representation of whom she was and what she stands for.”

“After a week she called and demanded my account details, after which an alert followed. She said she couldn’t pay me. That I was doing amazing work but I should accept this as her “tithe”.

“That was the awakening.”

“EveritinJob Service idea was born; the name came clearly and here we are developing and integrating entry-level talents (students, graduates) into Africa’s workforce and providing savvy tools to enable small and medium-size businesses to find and hire amazing talent to join their team.”

Emma Uchendu is inspired by God, impacting lives positively, days of rejections, disappointments and most importantly, his passion to provide solutions to others facing the same challenges.

When asked for ventures he has taken that increased his confidence in his skill, the entrepreneur mentioned contributing to his community is his greatest achievement

“In 2018 in Bayelsa, I carried out a book drive that saw over 100 pupils equipped with relevant school and academic items.”

“In 2017/2018, I remember volunteering for Slum2School, Education Impact Forum and FRSC where I held the position of Coordinator for community development service and saw series of road signs mounted along east-west highways in the southern part of Nigeria and a lot of schools, students and churches sensitised on road usage.

“I have also held series of online seminars and summit for job seekers and career persons; getting them ready on how to smoothly kick off their career journey, excel and climb the career ladder with ease.”

Now, Emma is seeking for partnership, mentorship, grants and funding.

He opines that youth empowerment is pertinent. “I believe the major way to empower Nigerian youth is through skill and knowledge acquisition and funding.”

“This will go a long way to help every youth in their career and entrepreneurial journey.”

Connect with him via

Facebook: Emma Uchendu
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 09028283788

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