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Meet Ebun – The Content Strategist

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This Space is For Sale

Meet Ebun – The Content Strategist

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Ebun Oluwole is a Content Strategist. She plans and executes content marketing strategies for small businesses and start-ups in Nigeria.

Answering the question on how she started on this career path, she says, “5 years ago, I started as a Writer/Blogger on a journey of self-discovery. This led me to a path of Freelance Writing and eventually Digital Marketing which is where I am at the moment.”

Her challenges, she asserts, are not different from that of every other tech-enabled business in the country. “Asides from the regular challenges tech-enabled businesses face such as the high cost of data and electricity, digital marketing as a whole is yet to be fully accepted by Nigerians. This of course leads to a struggle with the pricing strategy. You don’t want to undervalue your work while trying to be affordable. Hence there needs to be a balance.”

The Content Strategist’s biggest inspiration is Bozoma Saint John, the Chief Brand Officer of Uber.

According to her, her entire career is a testament to her ability to achieve all she sets her mind to do. She considers it a huge feat starting as a writer to becoming a content strategist.

Ebun, however knows, that there is more to be done and more to look forward to. “I’m always excited and looking forward to doing more work with small businesses and start-ups that are open to exploring the various aspects of content marketing in order to achieve their business goals.”

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On her opinion on youth empowerment, she opines that the youths should rise up and take charge of their lives. “Everything in Nigeria is literally trying to work against you. As young people, we owe it to ourselves to rise above it and make a difference regardless of how our society is.”

She can be reached via

Her website: http://junelevenco.com

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