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Meet Duvie – The Fashion Entrepreneur

Meet Duvie – The Fashion Entrepreneur

meet Duvie Great the fashion entrepreneur - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Duvie Great, also known as Badman duv, is a Fashion Entrepreneur and Creative Director for a clothing and accessories brand called 9to9lifestyle.

“We manufacture and retail quality essentials, ethically made and honestly priced for the everyday life.”

On how he started, he says, “I have been designing since I was 15. I started my first label at that time but couldn’t keep up with it because of school, now I am a graduate and I’m ready to kick off this journey now that I am older with a lot of experience.”

“Music has always been my major source of inspiration. When I listen to music I imagine people dancing or walking and accomplishing what they need to for their everyday life. I am designing a lifestyle for people, not just clothing.

Concerning a project that made him believe in himself, “I showcased my first collection at the first edition of Nigeria Students Fashion Week in 2013 and interned at the Lagos Fashion Week in 2015/2016 that was when I knew I was going to make it on this part.”

And now, “I am looking for funds firstly to complete our shirts production and also for the growth of the brand. I am also looking to learn from other Industry giants.”

“Youth empowerment,” he believes “is the backbone to the growth of any country socially and economically. The Nigerian youth can be empowered by giving them jobs, giving them education and start-up funds for those who are on the path of running a business. If these 3 aspects are focused on, you will see the growth in the youth and that of the country.”

Find him on

Instagram; duvie_yotan and 9to9lifestyle

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