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Meet Deborah – The Gift Consultant

Meet Deborah – The Gift Consultant

Deborah Omoigiafo the gift conultant - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Deborah Omoigiafo, also known as Mirabel is a Gift Consultant.

“We help promote relationship bonds between spouses, amongst families, friends, colleagues and loved ones via Gifts. We help the client walk through the process of selecting the best choice of gifts, we beautifully wrap them and send to the recipients. And it has been yielding well for a start.”

“My passion for arts, shopping, and ultimately putting smiles on other people’s faces is what got me started on this path. That’s what happens when you deliver a gift unexpectedly from their loved ones. There is this aura of joy.”

“Though as a kid, I probably didn’t know what it felt receiving such gifts. But the inspiration came from having the knowledge that I can add my quota to other people’s happiness and ease in life.”

When asked about something she did that increased her belief in herself, she says, “I remember when I was in secondary school, I developed an interest in writing and public speaking. So I put my passion and energy into it because it was something I found satisfying. With time, it paid off in my semi-final year. I was awarded the best motivational speaker in the whole school, then at FGGC Oyo.”

Now, she wants to take advantage of the world of retailing. “And if granted opportunity, I would love to own my own Gift store.”

Youth empowerment, she believes, is very vital in this economy and time. “The world is shifting and empowerment is what is needed to move with the flow, otherwise, we might lose a whole generation to mediocrity and depression.”

Connect with her via

WhatsApp: 08103981183
IG personal page: @omoigiafo
IG business page: @mirabelgifts&co
Facebook: Deborah Omoigiafo
LinkedIn: Deborah Omoigiafo

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