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Meet Damilola – The Automobile Engineer

Meet Damilola – The Automobile Engineer


Damilola Elijah Adedokun is an Automobile Engineer, who deals in repair, servicing, sale and diagnose of automobiles.

Speaking on how he started, Damilola says, “apart from the fact that I had a first degree in physics, as an undergraduate, I sought knowledge in different areas of trade such as photography and IT but didn’t find passion there until I trained with Automedics in Lagos. I realized that I could solve the frustrations of automobile users with roadside mechanics.”

“Being an entrepreneur is synonymous to challenges,” Damilola asserted. According to him, they experience technical and structural challenges. “Firstly, most of the cars within Nigeria are fairly used. Even a brand new machine would technically develop faults talk more of one that has passed through about four users before it gets to Nigeria. We try as much as possible to ensure that there’s a proper diagnosis of the car before repairs. The challenge is that the cost of repairs is high, especially as it relates to spare parts. Secondly, infrastructural challenges trigger the increase in prices of goods and services in the country.”

He draws his inspiration from automobile companies in Japan, US, Germany. Their services and innovations inspires him, how they’ve been able to create outlets that act as distributors of their goods and services.

He has had series of experiences that cemented his believe in his skills. One of such cases was when he was able to solve the problem of a Dodge Chrysler that was not functioning for six years and whose solution eluded many mechanics. Also, he was able to rectify the steering problem with a recall issue of a Ford Fussion 2011 model and resolve the recall transmission problem of a Toyota rav4. And amazingly, he has not had any complaints in relation to those major repairs and they led to many referrals.

He desires to undergo more training and work directly with Mercedes, especially in the area of car manufacturing.

On what he thinks about youth empowerment, Damilola has this to say to the Nigerian youth,

“Knowledge! knowledge!! knowledge!!! You can’t give what you don’t have. It’s easier to get knowledge on the go. It is right there on your mobile phones. The Nigerian youth can divert the energy used for random/unprofitable conversations to their empowerment. People see you, they watch you. They only want to know that you are committed to building a level of success before they can in some way empower you (through funds and opportunity).”

You can connect with him via the following platforms:

WhatsApp: 08151023414

Facebook: Dmech Value services

Email: [email protected]

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