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Meet Chukwuebuka – The Fruit Juice Producer

Meet Chukwuebuka – The Fruit Juice Producer

Meet Chukwuebuka Oyigbo - the fruit juice producer

Chukwuebuka Oyigbo, also known as Ebus, produces organic fruit juice for health conscious consumers.

Speaking about how he started, he says, “After a major sickle cell anaemia attack, the doctor advised me to take my nutrition serious and avoid soda beverages. I tried doing so but it wasn’t easy for a working class individual.”

“Organic juices were either a shadow of what it should be (made using concentrates) or they were overpriced or have been compromised in the process of production. I decided to step in and bridge this gap. NEPH’S NATURAL JUICE was born; its product is NAFDAC CERTIFIED and offers the best organic juice ever.”

He is inspired by the ability in disability.

He mentioned that the project that made him believe in himself was registering my company and obtaining my NAFDAC certificate from my meagre salary.

And now, he is seeking to properly brand his products and get a delivery vehicle.

He believes youth empowerment is about giving facility loan to people with great ideas.

Connect with him via
Twitter: @real2dbone

LinkedIn: Chukwuebuka Oyigbo

Phone number: +2348037661116

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