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Meet Chief Osaretin – The Graphics Designer

Meet Chief Osaretin – The Graphics Designer

Meet Osaretin the graphics designer - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Osaretin Avbuluimen, also known as Chief, is a Graphic Designer, Brand Developer, and Culture Shaper.

He started his first company in the first quarter of 2011, which was a laundry company. “I did that for almost two (2) years and then realized that I didn’t really want to do that for a long time so I took time off and travelled to Calabar for a month just to really find out what I should be doing.”

“Now in 2010, I discovered something called graphic design. I was in church when this Uncle Yinka showed up to the church office to say hi to the church staff, then he went downstairs and started to work on his laptop. I went downstairs to use the toilet, got done and walked into the church to see what he was doing.”

“When I asked he said design, graphics design, to be precise. He made N25,000 on the spot for designing a wedding invite. So I figured I could do this you know because I already loved computers and was really good at art during my primary and high school days.”

“Fast-forward to February 22, 2014, I started my design company designing flyers and BBM gifs, then moved on to start creating logos and to developing brands.”

One major challenge Chief Osaretin has faced is depression. “There was this certain time when I didn’t want to do any work, take phone calls or even go out, I really just felt numb. I didn’t really understand what was going on with my life. I even went as far as putting up my company for sale. A friend of mine kept calling till I got tired of her calls and picked up eventually. She heard my voice and said I wasn’t myself; she was right.”

“So she said you’re depressed, now she said that because I’m usually super happy all the time, as in all the time but I was num. I googled the signs of depression while on the phone with her and read it aloud and realized that I truly was depressed. I woke one day in the following week and went to spend time with my family, I made sure it was a road trip so I could just experience nature and also take pictures.”

“I got sick in my family house and spent most of my days sleeping. I got the rest I really needed and was refreshed. Then went back to Lagos where I live and moved on with my work, but this time around with a new perspective on work and solid decision to add rest plus personal time to my schedule.”

He draws inspiration from his relationship with God, reading books, watching movies, intelligent conversations with his friends and also random strangers, research, behance.net, a cup of coffee, smoothie, playing and also exercise.”

Meeting and working with Fela Durotoye served a strong motivation to keep moving on. “So I’ve always wanted to work with Fela Durotoye, I got the chance to work with him directly sometime in 2017.”

“One of the days when we were discussing design, he said to me “Osaretin I trust your judgment, whatever you create I’ll work with.” I was super, super excited. That for me was validation from someone who is one of the few Nigeria’s top leadership and consultant that I respect and admire.”

And now, he is looking forward to working on a global branding project and also working at Apple or Google for at least six (6) months.

On youth empowerment, Chief Osaretin has this to say. “Nigerian youths are extremely hard working, but the environment can be really frustrating. What we need to do as a country is create an enabling environment, starting with constant power (electricity).”

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Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn: @ChiefOsaretin.

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