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Meet Bukola – The Founder of SkillHub

Meet Bukola – The Founder of SkillHub


Bukola Gbemi, also known as SheCodes, empowers African youths with relevant skills they can earn with.

Entrepreneurship, for her, has always being an innate thing.  “As a little girl I watch my mom do a lot of businesses and that spurred the entrepreneurship journey for me.”

“We decided to launch SkillHub.ng when we saw the vast level of unemployment and poverty in Africa. The first question in our minds was how we can solve this problem in our little way, hence, the birth of SkillHub.ng.”

Bukola draws inspiration from family and friends. “I am privileged to have great mentors and friends who push me to become better every day.  A notable mention is Peter Chukwusah who inspires me every day when I see how relentless he is in pushing to achieve his dreams.”

Speaking on a project that made her believe in herself, she says, “One of the project I have worked on that stretched me and made me know that there is indeed no impossibility is the SheCodes project.”

“The SheCodes project is a program focused on equipping ladies with programming and designs skills. It started late year and the turnout has been impressive. We have trained over 100 ladies so far in three different locations; Ikeja, Ikorodu and Ajegunle.”

When the idea came to start the project it was scary at first because most ladies don’t usually show interest in technology related field, so it required I and my team to intensify effort for publicity. I had a deep sense of satisfaction after starting up the project.”

Moving forward, “we are looking for opportunities to collaborate with youth-based organisations, the government and people interested in curbing the poverty and unemployment menace Africans are experiencing.”

“I believe one of the ways to solve this problem is when the youths are empowered with skill-sets that give them the opportunity to create wealth.”

Concerning youth empowerment, she has this to say, “Investing in youth empowerment cannot be over emphasized and it is the way of reducing the alarming rate of unemployment and youth delinquency we see in the continent.”

“SkillHub.ng offers an interesting model for Nigerian youths to be empowered which is providing skill sets for Nigerian youths to learn and then trade off to earn. The skill sets we offer ranges from professional: graphics design, animations, 3d designs, photography etc

Vocational: shoe making, catering, Ankara craft etc

Technical: programming, gaming development, app development etc

You can start learning at your convenience by logging on to www.SkillHub.ng

Reach her on

Instagram: @Bookkeyz, @[email protected]

Facebook: Gbemi Bukola, SkillHub

Email: [email protected]/ , [email protected]/

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