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Meet Blessing – The Social Entrepreneur

Meet Blessing – The Social Entrepreneur

Meet Blessing the social entrepreneur- the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

Blessing Oluwalaabomi Adekanmbi, is a Social Entrepreneur, who founded Barriher Breakers Initiative, an initiative that inspires and motivates women and girls to get into fields, careers and disciplines which are male-dominated or believed to be designed mainly for the male folk.

Speaking about how she started, Blessing says, “I have always been interested in and passionate about women and girls development and empowerment. Participating in related projects has given me more exposure, developed and encouraged me to do more.”

“Particularly, I participated in a one-month online bootcamp called “The Passion Project” facilitated by Mr. Lanre Solarin which helped me move my passion (idea) from my head and mouth into my hands and encouraged me to start my own initiative despite every limitation (or things I thought were limitations).”

“I draw my inspiration from women who are doing great in male-dominated fields. I am particularly inspired by Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, the Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria. She’s also an author, a businesswoman and a motivational speaker. She does all excellently and that is a great motivation for me. Interestingly, we share the same first name.

When asked about a project she did that increased her confidence in herself, she has this to say, “I am currently participating as a volunteer in a project called ‘Female and More’ which aims to help young females build their self esteems by teaching them about one female icon in Nigeria and Africa every day for 30 days.”

“This project requires that I visit a chosen secondary school every day all through the 30 days and it was not an easy thing for me.”

“As a volunteer, it meant that I was not going to be paid or compensated monetarily for my time, money and effort towards the project and people around me advised me to quit. But because I was passionate about the project and especially about the girls I was mentoring, I gave it my all.”

“These girls gave me all the cooperation I needed and gradually, they are testifying that the project was positively impacting them. This made me believe in myself and continue to give my best to that which I’m passionate about no matter what people around me think or say. As a result, I was able to kick-start my own passion project aimed towards inspiring women and girls to break gender-related barriers.”

Looking forward, she is open to mentorship, scholarships and internships relating to female empowerment and development. She is also seeking for the opportunities to get grants.

She also gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “Youth empowerment is an act of giving young ones the resources and investments needed for them to create their own future and be better versions of themselves.”

“Nigerian youths can be empowered by giving them the skills and opportunities they need to be who they want to be. They should also be allowed to participate in public affairs and decisions which affect them, thereby choosing their own future.”

Connect with her via

Facebook: Adekanmbi Blessing Oluwalaabomi
Twitter: @Adek_Blessing
Instagram: @Oluwalaabomi
LinkedIn: Blessing Adekanmbi
Phone Call and WhatsApp: 09037475603
Email: [email protected]

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