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Meet Blessing – The Footwear Producer

Meet Blessing – The Footwear Producer

meet Blessing the footwear producer - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Blessing Ayomiposi Oyewusi is the CEO of Olutunmise Leather Craft, a business that produces quality and reliable leather footwear and accessories.

When asked about how she started, she has this to say, “I have always been a lover of beautiful footwear and I was always complimented on how nice they are many a time, but there was a problem of how long those shoes would last and it was a source of concern as those shoes would spoil in the space of months. My solution was to get shoe repairers to reinforce my footwear and I gave that same advice to as many as I could because I was not the inlay inward with this problem. But, last year, I decided to start my own line that would be known for reliability, quality and unique style.”

Her major challenge has been sourcing for funds and inadequate personnel as most times there are a lot of jobs and it’s important to have personnel that meet up to high standards.

Blessing is inspired primarily by God. “I am also very inspired when I see the smile on a satisfied client’s face.”

She spoke of a project she embarked on that increased her belief in herself. “One thing I am proud of was producing my very first set of products. It was quite tasking because at different points, there were challenges such as not having enough information, inadequate funds and personnel to work with. In the end, it was worth it because the clients for those products were more than pleased and continually bring in more clients because of that job well done.”

Moving forward, “I am really looking forward to more platforms to connect to people in the fashion industry that would see my work and would be drawn to it. Also, I would gladly like to pitch before investors because it’s a goal for Olutunmise to go global.”

Youth empowerment, to her, is as simple as it sounds. “It is empowering the youth; get them what they need. We have so much potential and we need people and the society that would help invest and grow this potential. Empowerment starts from disseminating knowledge, then teaching skills, and providing resources.”

“I am and always will be a firm supporter of the fast rising entrepreneurship community. We are built to recognise and solve problems and the Nigerian youth is a very important part of that. We need to be taught. Knowledge is power, opens your mind and puts it to work. I also think that space needs to be made for the Nigerian youth to create his/her niche.”

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