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Meet Biola – The MumstoMums Entrepreneur

Meet Biola – The MumstoMums Entrepreneur


Biola Bisola Akilo, also known as Bakilo, is a MumstoMums entrepreneur who help mums resell outgrown baby items for half the price of the new ones.

Talking about how she started the business, she said she always ran her business at the side. But when lost her job last year, she went fully into the business and gave it her all.

Biola’s major challenge is that of the mindset of mothers. “The challenge I am still facing so far is trying the change the mindset of some moms to buy pre-owned baby items. Buying a pre-owned baby item won’t cause any harm to the baby but help you save more money to buy more things cause babies outgrown most of their baby items.”

MumstoMums entrepreneur

Her biggest inspiration is her, who she says has been there for her since childhood till this present time and so, she looks up to her mum.

When asked about the project that increased her belief in herself, she says, “For now, I am working on a big project, should hopefully be done by May, so I won’t be able to disclose it. But the smaller project i have done, that was during Christmas. We took Santa to over a 100 kids’ doorstep, here in Lagos. It gave me courage to believe I can do and achieve a lot more.

Now, Biola is hoping for the support to build and promote a standard e-commerce website to trade in pre-owned baby items.

She opined that the Nigerian youths can be empowered when we give them the right tools to collaborate, brainstorm and reflect to solve problems. The youths can also be guided to find their voices with the assurance they won’t be judged or criticized for their ideas

Reach her on

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mum2mumarketng

WhatsApp: 08099448000

Phone Number: 09072172223.

Email: [email protected]



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